Happy 2018, everyone! As we begin the new year, I want to welcome all of the new readers to Digital Photography for Moms and share my most popular posts from last year.

This website is one of the top mom photography blogs out there. With easy-to-follow tutorials on a variety of photography and photo editing topics, I designed this blog to help those who have a passion for photography.

You might be a brand new beginner with your first dSLR camera. Or maybe you’ve had that camera for a while but never learned how to use it. Or maybe you feel pretty confident about your photography skills but want to learn advanced on-camera techniques and improve your photo editing skills.

Regardless of where you are on your photography journey, you’ll find photography tips that will take you to the next step on this website. Tutorials like:

Most Popular Photography Tip of 2017

My most popular photography tip of 2017 is an oldie but oh-so-helpful.

Photography Tips: Mom Photography Blog

Change These Two Settings for Proper Focus Point Selection – If your camera is choosing where to focus for you, you will miss focus sometimes. Maybe even frequently. These two simple changes will improve your focus drastically – regardless of the camera you use.

Photography Tip #2

Photography Tips: Mom Photography Blog

Ever wonder why so many photos you take at home look orange or yellow? It’s all about the color of the light. This tutorial shows you a simple technique for banishing the orange glow.

Most Popular Photoshop Elements Tip

Photography Tips: Mom Photography Blog

Remove Haze in Photoshop Elements – All of us take photos that look hazy from time to time. Luckily, PSE has a simple tool that clears it up nicely – and easily!

Most Popular Lightroom Tip


Photography Tips: Mom Photography Blog

This post was the most popular among Lightroom users. It contains everything you need to know for editing eyes in Lightroom so that they always look bright, sparkly and sharp.

Most Popular Photography Freebie

Photography Tips: Mom Photography Blog

And the final tutorial from 2017 that everyone loved accompanied a special freebie. I no longer support the Pioneer Woman™ actions for Photoshop Elements on this website. I replaced them with a free set that I created called Rustic Chic. Download the actions here. The video that accompanies the action set is a great introduction to both actions and Photoshop Elements in general. It’s worth a watch even if you aren’t interested in actions (yet!).

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Thanks so much for reading about my top 5 most helpful photography for moms blog posts from 2017. Are there any topics I didn’t cover that you’d like me to talk about in 2018? Post ’em in the comments below.