The Light Workshop was reviewed last spring and summer right here on Texas Chicks.  How many of you were around for that?

The Light Workshop is an online, forum-style photography workshop for photographers who already understand shooting in manual.  Detra Perrotti, the creator and founder, is an incredible photographer.  Check out her website – even though it says “under construction,” you can still look at her galleries.  Direct sunlight does not intimidate her one bit (and she lives in what I believe is the sunniest state in the union, so she gets lots of practice).  This workshop is an information-dense 60 day workshop designed to help you learn to harness natural light to add drama and beauty to your photos.

Now, my review last year was far from bad.  However, there was lots of discussion about this workshop around the web.  From what I remember, people wanted more organization in the workshop, more prompt communication, a tighter schedule, and perhaps a bit more polish on her tutorials.  But many people learned tons.

Here’s my take on all that. Detra is an artist.  That much is obvious from her work, right?  How many successful artists do you know that are also perfect communicators, perfectly organized, and always on time?  And are all those factors absolutely necessary to teach that art to someone else?  That’s not a rhetorical question, actually.  It’s personal.  You know how you learn better than anyone and if those factors are necessary for your learning style, then you might have to work harder to get what you need from her workshops.

Here’s something I’ve noticed lately:  the recent buzz about the Light Workshop is much more universally positive.

So, when Detra contacted me last month and asked me to re-review her workshop, I gladly said yes.  I know I will learn from her, even the 2nd time around.  When she mentioned that she’s made lots of changes to the workshop in response to student feedback, I began to suspect the reason for the positive buzz.

Here are a couple of things I’ve noticed already:

  • Detra created a video explaining how to get around in the forum.
  • Some of the homework has contests and prizes associated with it.  That’s a great motivation to actually keep up with homework – that can be hard in online courses.
  • Each time a weekly assignment is posted, Detra sends an email to participants with important links – links to the assignment and her supporting video, links to the virtual (live) class signup, and links to the bonus assignment.  This is a good reminder for me to get my butt into the forum if I haven’t spent much time there lately….

Ok, so those are just my first impressions.  I am not participating fully in the workshop, but I’m soaking up every bit of information I can get.  Over the next 6 weeks or so, I’ll keep you updated on how it’s progressing, and will finish with a final review.  And I’m curious – are any of you participating this go-round?