The Guided 365 is my passion project.

Sharing photography with other people – and helping them take beautiful photos – is one of the great joys of my life. And I can give you all the facts about the Guided 365:

  • 365 daily bite-sized photography lessons will help you retain new information way better than a big data dump condensed into a few weeks.
  • I’ll answer every question you ask about course material.
  • Your access to lessons never expires, so no stress about working through all 365 of them in 2020.
  • Shooting prompts are practical – no kids, fancy homes, or luxury vacations required. (You’ll be amazed at what I help you do with your salt & pepper shakers!)

But seeing is believing. What’s important is seeing how other student’s photograhy changed thanks to a year in the Guided 365!

Diane is a busy mom & grandmother who also works. She finished the Guided 365, and it paid off in spades for her! See the difference in her photos above? Day 83 is underexposed and the white balance is off. Day 313, on the other hand? Perfectly exposed with great color and contrast. Plus a fabulous rule of thirds composition that incorporates a balancing design element. Impressive, right?

Exposure, white balance, contrast and compositional techniques like the rule of thirds and balance: those are all skills that you will study during the Guided365.

When I asked Diane about the best thing she’d learned over her year of the Guided365, she said “Oh I have learned so much, I don’t know where to start. My biggest struggle has been getting a good focus and that has greatly improved.”

And yes, her focusing skills have improved dramatically. I answered quite a few questions for Diane, and together we figured out what was causing her focus woes. But it’s not just focus – she nails exposure and color in most of her photos now!

Diane has tips for you to help you get the most of the project:

  • I had taken a 6-week class before taking the Guided365. Learning about photography one day at a time has really worked for me. I am able to retain what I learn because it is a little each day.
  • A lot of the time I read the lesson and then take the pictures later that day after thinking about what to shoot.
  • I also will talk about the lessons with my husband or daughter at times and that has been so helpful to reinforce the topic. If I couldn’t talk to them I would be posting questions on the Guided365 website more. I think everyone has questions as they learn – talking about new information really helps me retain.
  • I also have gotten a great deal from the feedback… When I am given a suggestion it has stuck with me and helped me improve my photos.

That feedback comes from an active community of Guided365 users. From your instructor to fellow participants and mentors, you are bound to get likes, comments and suggestions for improvement on the photos you post on Instagram.

Guided 365 – Now with Guaranteed Feedback

And for the 2020 Guided 365, I’ve added a new option. You can get guaranteed feedback from me every month. Read about this upgrade here!

What if you have questions? I answer each and every one you have, right there on the lesson page. Read a lesson, post a question, get an answer. It’s that simple!

Here’s another Guided 365 success story. Maybritt loves food photography, and her first photo isn’t bad. The lighting isn’t too far off, color is close, focus is good, and the meal looks tasty. But the photos from later in the year? Stunning, right?

The Day 270 photo came from the day we discussed how our eyes move into and out of an image – this lesson comes after students master exposure, color, and focus. Day 325 was from our posing unit (I give students alternative prompts if they don’t want to pose people during this unit). How would you like to create a fine-art photo the next time you open a bag of nuts?

Here’s how Maybritt describes the Guided 365:

“It has been life-altering and such a self-satisfying experience to take the Guided 365…. I am so happy with my lessons. They are a godsend. I hope you know how deeply this course has affected me, and I love it all.”

Guided 365 for Family Photography

Next, look at these photos from Evonne, who mostly takes photos of her kids:

Day 285 comes from one of our lessons about color composition. See how nicely her colors work together and support the photo’s story? The first photo comes from a lesson where we were just beginning to explore exposure and ISO – note the motion blur and dark exposure that aren’t visible in her later photo.

And here’s one last quote from a from Guided 365 student:

“I was retired and ready to take on the challenge of learning all of the technical aspects of my camera and how to use it to make wonderful photos. Fast forward to the #guided365 course. One email at a time, my eyes were opened and I fell in love with my camera all over again. It is amazing to look back on those terrible cruise photos and compare them to the work I am able to create now!”

The Guided 365 makes progress like you see here easy because you learn the right way – short lessons and with everyday practice. Are you ready? Register here.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.