Select Colors Outside of Photoshop

Have you ever seen a color somewhere that you wanted to use as part of a Photoshop Elements project?  Perhaps you wanted to incorporate it into a frame or a scrapbook layout?  Well, the Eyeropper tool in Photoshop can choose a color in any open window on your computer, not just an image open in Photoshop.

Select the Eyedropper tool, click somewhere in your Photoshop workspace, and, without releasing the mouse button, drag it to the color that you want to select.  If you watch the color swatches at the bottom of your toolbox while you do this, you’ll see that they change colors every time your mouse moves.  Photoshop will select the color your mouse is over when you release the button.

Since that was such a short and easy tip, I’ll tell you another one that I forget, but could use pretty frequently if I’d only remember it.  If you are painting in Photoshop with the Brush tool, and want to select a new color from your picture to paint with, press Alt and click to select a new color. It’s much easier than selecting the Eyedropper tool from the toolbox and then re-selecting the Brush tool.

This is particularly handy when you are touching up a picture.  Maybe you’re trying to paint away a blemish or you’ve cut a head from one picture and pasted it into another.  The neck colors will never blend exactly in that situation, and the colors are also going to differ a bit from one side of the neck to another.  But painting and changing the color frequently is one way to blend the two images together.

Hope you are all doing well and haven’t had to cut and paste too many heads lately!