Where do you weigh in on the “to protect your camera screen or not” debate?

I personally gave up years ago.  The last screen protector I had on a camera was a soft and cloudy looking plastic sheet.  It made it hard to tell whether my photos had enough contrast, sharpness and saturation.  Plus, they were fingerprint and smudge magnets.  Much like my iPhone cover.

Consequently, I haven’t protected the displays on any of my cameras in quite a while.

Enter Expert Shield, who sent me a screen protector for my Olympus OMD to try.

screen protector-2

The photo above shows the screen protector on my OMD.   You see it, right?  I doubt it!

Expert Shield describes these protectors as highly transparent – you wouldn’t know there was anything but glass covering this display.  You can see my arms holding my camera reflecting in the display – this reflection would be unlikely in my old style camera screen protectors.

The screen protector went on easily, and I’m not generally good at these things.  The package contained detailed instructions as well as a micro fiber cloth for cleaning your display before applying the protector.  I ended up with one small bubble in the bottom left corner – it’s under the rooster’s head in my watermark in the photo above.  Because my initial placement wasn’t perfect, that last corner didn’t match up with the corner of the screen exactly and a bubble formed.

However, there are no bubbles anywhere else and the protector shows no signs of coming loose.

screen protector

The photo above shows the display turned on – it’s hard to represent in a photo, but I’m trying to show you how clear and bright the image looks.  Unlike many screen protectors, you don’t see a foggy overlay over the image.

According to Expert Shield, these protectors also have an anti-scratch coating, no residue when removed, and easy removal.  I haven’t tried to remove the shield.  However, I don’t doubt that it will protect my screen from scratches.

You order based on the type of camera you have and the product arrives pre-sized for a good fit.

Last note – Expert Shield offers protectors for phones and tablets as well as cameras.  I just might invest in one for my iPhone as well!

Amazon Prime members, Expert Shields are prime eligible.  2 day shipping for free!