Scrapbookers, do you use Lightroom in your workflow? I do. Probably wouldn’t scrapbook without it.

I participated in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life™ project a couple of weeks ago. I took 400 photos over the course of a week. After importing photos from 3 cameras (Canon 6D, Olympus OMD EM5 and iPhone), I sorted them and chose the ones that would end up in my scrapbook in about 20 minutes.

Want to see how? I created a video to show you my workflow.

video header

In the sorting process, I rely heavily on the metadata filters. You access them in the Grid view of Lightroom’s Library module. (Just type G from anywhere in Lightroom to get there.)

If you need to adjust your metadata categories, do so by clicking on the double area next to the currently visible category (circled in the screen shot below).

metadata menu

Clicking on that arrow will give you a long menu with lots of categories to choose from.

metadata types

And for those of you who aren’t video watchers, here’s a short summary of my workflow:

  • I imported all photos from the week into one folder on my computer.
  • I named all photos “Week in the Life 2015” followed by a number to make it easy to search for them in the future.
  • Using the date metadata category, I filtered out each day of the week, one at a time. I selected all photos for the day (command/control A) and added keyword to mark the day (Day 1, Day 2, etc).
  • Filtering by date again, I used the flag rating system to choose my favorite photos. I tried to have about 10-20 per day marked as favorites. I used the arrow keys in Loupe view (shortcut E) and typed the letter P to “pick” my favorites.
  • Finally, filtering by date and by the Picked (white flag) attribute, I chose the photo for each day that would work best for the opening photo. I keyworded these 7 photos with “Opening Photo.”
  • Using the text keyword, it’s easy to filter out those Opening Photos, edit them and take them into Photoshop to add graphics or overlays. I’ll save that for the next video!

Sorting through my photos so quickly leaves more time for the fun stuff: assembling the scrapbook and showing it off! It seems to me that the scrapbook community hasn’t quite embraced Lightroom yet, however. So, if you’re a scrapbooker, I’d love to hear your opinion below! Do you use Lightroom? Is it part of your scrapping workflow?