Lowepro has just added another bag to my collection – the Photo Sport Shoulder 12L.

You might remember that I took my Lowepro Flipside 400 backpack with me to the Royal Wedding.  I love that bag, so when Lowepro contacted me about sending the Sport Shoulder to review, I was thrilled.

The Sport Shoulder is much smaller than the Flipside 400.  It would work very well as a travel camera bag when you want to travel light.

In the first set of photos below, you can see that it easily holds my Olympus OMD with the 12-50 lens on it, plus the 25mm and 40-150mm.  With this particular camera, the camera and lenses all fit in the gray insert that you see in the photos below.

The insert comes out and has handles, so that you could easily pop out the camera when you’re done shooting for the day and are ready to go out to dinner.  You can see that in the set of images below.

With the OMD, its lenses, and my iPad, there is still lots of room leftover in this bag.  I could easily use it as a carry on on an airplane.  I could add batteries, memory cards and a small wallet, lipstick, etc.  I suspect that this would be the case for many of the new mirrorless SLRs.

Now, with my Canon 5D Markii, fitting extras in the bag is a different story.  I put the camera with my 24-70 lens on it inside the gray camera insert.  You can see from the photos below that the drawstring on the gray camera holder wouldn’t quite draw all the way, especially with that strap on the camera.

Next to the camera bag, I inserted my 70-200 and my 50 mm lenses.  I zipped it, as you can see from the top image below, but it was a tight fit.

Now what I really like about this bag is the weight.  The 12L version is just over a pound.  Lowepro also makes an 18L that’s larger – moving up doesn’t cost you much in weight.

I could see myself using this bag for a day hike with my 5D and one extra lens.  The bag doesn’t add extra weight, and it provides easy & quick access to the camera. I don’t imagine that I will use it on client shoots when I’m carrying multiple lenses.

I know, however, that I will use it a lot with my OMD and its lenses.  As I said, it would hold plenty for me as a carry on, and I like that I could use it as a purse – albeit a purse that doesn’t quality as “cute” at night on vacation.  I don’t care much about those things on vacation anyway. 😉

The two outside pockets each could hold my kindle, plane tickets, etc.  And there is a water bottle holder on the outside, under one of the straps.  Inside there is a netted, see-through pocket – it’s designed, I suspect, for memory cards and batteries, but it could hold many things.

This bag can be carried over the should and across the body – this is one of my requirements for non-backpack bags.

So yes, if you are wondering, the Lowepro Photo Sport Shoulder is a great bag.  I don’t recommend it for professional photographers toting several lenses on shoots, but for vacations, day trips, hikes, etc., this is a light weight bag that will make carrying your gear easier.