Photoshop Elements tips about layer masks generally speed up my workflow more than any other PSE technique.

Ever have a stack of layers in your image something like this?  You’ve worked really hard masking your first layer, and need to have that same mask applied somewhere else.  Don’t start painting again!

Instead, follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Hold down the alt key and click on the layer mask you’ve already painted (next to the arrow above).  This loads the layer mask onto your image, which will then look like this:

STEP 2 – Type Control+A or go to the Select Menu/All to select the entire image.

STEP 3 – Type Control+C or go to the Edit menu and click on copy.

STEP 4 – To activate the layer mask that you want to paste into, click on it.  It must be outlined in white, as you see next to the arrow in the image below.

STEP 5 – Now type Control+V or go to the Edit Menu and select Paste.

STEP 6 – Hold down Alt and click on the new layer mask to “unload” the mask from the image.  Now,  you have two identical masks in your palette:

What do you think?  Will that be useful?  What are your favorite Elements masking tips?