Looking for a free action for Photoshop Elements that makes a basic workflow easy? You’ve found it.

The All New Basic Workflow is not just 1 action – it’s four! The set contains:

  • The Basic Workflow (because most photos need exposure & color help)
  • A B&W action with an option to tint (countless options to get creative)
  • Sharpening for print (for your frame-worthy masterpiece)
  • Resizing & sharpening for web (because we all know how difficult Facebook makes it for us!)

I’ve also created a video for you that shows you exactly how to install & use the action and tweak it for your photos.

Say goodbye to soft, dull or boring photos! Here’s how it works:

  • Click the download button to request your free actions.
  • Check your email to download the actions and watch a video about how to install and use them.
  • Create a heart-warming treasure to share with friends & family.

photoshop elements free action

Have any questions? I’m here for you! Post them in the comments below.