This is the time of year when kids get busy with soccer, softball and every other sport imaginable. That means that moms get busy snapping photos.

I bet that some of you even become the unofficial official team photographers, right? Lucky for you, Mpix will make your job easy.

As a sponsor of this blog, Mpix sent me some of their sports products to review.

They’ve got everything a soccer mom could need. Start with vibrant buttons to share with all the supporters of your team:

mpix buttons-3

And these buttons are big, too. 3.5 inches across, with fantastic print quality. I chose the metallic paper for my buttons – the Mpix metallic paper makes color leap off the paper.

And for the team photos, Mpix has a huge selection of memory mates, customized for more sports than I can count. I printed mine on metallic paper (yes, I love that stuff!). They are perfect for individual team player photos on the top, with the entire team in the larger slot. Or do two of the same athlete, as I did:

mpix buttons-4

My little one just learned to ride without her training wheels. Mpix statuettes are a great way to celebrate that accomplishment.


mpix buttons

I ordered the 5×7 inch size. It’s about 7 inches tall, and the base is about 5 inches wide. It’s study and thick, and heavy enough that it won’t get knocked over easily.

Here’s the back:

mpix buttons-2

The best part of this product is that Mpix cuts the subject out of the photo for you! And at $16, it’s a great deal! It would be perfect for baseball players – they make a striking silhouette holding their bats.

In addition to these products, Mpix offers magazine covers, trading cards and just about anything else you could image as gifts to your athletes (or their families).  As with all Mpix products, the quality is excellent and the turnaround time is quick.

And if you have questions about these or any Mpix Mpix

Make this the season that your sports photos don’t collect dust on your hard drive. Celebrate those athletes with print products that will bring smiles for years to come.