Photo printing is one of those things in life that I don’t do enough. But it never fails to bring me joy when I do print.

Photo printing - photo display ideas

That photo above shows you what I see every morning when I walk into the kitchen from my bedroom. Wedding photos, stepkids’ photos, an amazing sunset in Santorini during our honeymoon and my huge Mpix collage. (Mpix is a sponsor of this blog. You can read my collage review here.)

What prompted my reflectiveness today? 4 Rituals to Keep you Happy All the Time from Barking Up the Wrong Tree did. It’s a documented fact that reflecting on what you are grateful for will make you happier.

Once I tried writing down 3 things I was grateful for first thing in the morning. Seriously, who can think of 3 things to be grateful for before the first cup of coffee? After that project failed miserably, I realize that I do reflect on gratitude multiple times per day. Each time I look at a printed photo displayed somewhere in my home, I feel a moment of conscious gratitude.

As I walk from room to room and see different photos, I feel little morsels of joy, little chocolates for my heart. And it makes me feel immediately grateful for so much. The obvious stuff first:

  • 2 amazing children
  • a loving husband
  • a full extended family
  • good friends
  • vacations
  • a happy and safe life

But what really touches my heart as I see these photos is the richness of the moments. Moments that pulled my heartstrings enough to say, “Hey. Pick up a camera and record this moment. Make it last forever.” We all have moments like that, and put together, those moments add up to the richness of life.

Even when photos remind me of something sad, those moments are still rich.

Photo printing - photo display ideas

In the 3 photos on my fireplace, you can see the family vacation where my husband asked me to marry him, my stepdaughter’s wedding, and my dying father kissing my 4 week old first born goodbye the day before he died. Even that last moment is one that I treasure, for so many reasons. I will forever be grateful for the ICU nurse who thought to take that photo.

So seeing those moments around my house is like that big box of chocolates – full of assorted emotions, all of them rich, satisfying and meaningful.

Here’s what I don’t think about when I see these photos:

  • Boy, am I glad I have a fancy camera that takes good photos. (I have photos hanging up that were taken with my first point and shoot or with an iPhone.)
  • Aren’t I lucky I’m a good photographer? (I have photos all over that have bad white balance or soft focus. I don’t think about the flaws at all when I’m reliving those moments.)

As I reflect on how seeing these photos makes me truly happier every single day, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to print more photos as part of an organized plan. I’d like to be less haphazard about which ones I print and how I display them.

Photo Printing Poll

I was talking with some people on Instagram a while back about the best way to display photos and photo printing ideas. One idea that I thought was brilliant is a seasonal wall updated 4 times a year. I love that, and I’m thinking of doing the same thing with these Mpix Framers. They are affordable enough that I could purchase several, fill a wall and switch out the photos each season.

Before I commit to that plan, I want to hear your ideas. Inspire me, please!

Would you please copy these questions and paste them into the comments below to tell me what you do?

  • What type of moment prompts you to pick up your camera most often? (A special occasion, an everyday moment, a sports event, moments of special poignancy or emotion, something else)
  • What is the subject of most of your printed photos? (A special occasion, an everyday moment, a sports event, moments of special poignancy or emotion, something else)
  • What size are most of your prints? (5×7 or smaller, 8×10 or larger)
  • What’s your favorite way to print photos? (regular photo paper, canvas mounts, metallic prints, standout mounts, something else)
  • This is the most important. How do you keep your photos up to date? What is your strategy for rotating old photos out and designing the layout of your displayed photos?

Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to your ideas. And check back soon to see what others have said!