If you’ve followed this blog for long, you’ve probably seen my article about how to take photos of large groups. I take these photos for my church once or twice a year. Here is this year’s photo:

photo gift mpix modern metallic

In past years, we’ve used these images on our website, in social media and for the odd occasion here and there where we needed an actual print.

This year was different, however. Our priest just got married and is moving to Australia. (You can see her in the middle of the photo: she’s wearing a white top and green stole and snuggling up to her then-fiance.) This photo was our going away present to them. She specifically requested a photo gift.

Taking the photo was the easy part, believe it or not. The challenge came in deciding how to present it to them. We needed a gift that would last a lifetime, render beautifully and survive the move to Australia.

I reviewed the Modern Metallic prints at Mpix a few months back. This photo display option turned out to be perfect for this photo also.

First off, we’re all about color at this church – from the many colors of people’s skin to bright clothing and decorations. The metallics at Mpix render colors beautifully and vividly. If you want to show off a photo with bright colors, this is the way to go.

Next off, Mpix’s Modern Metals arrive ready to hang. No frame is required and all hardware is included. This is a huge benefit not only in terms of cost savings but also in time savings. Finding a frame that suited this image didn’t fit the quick turnaround that we needed for this gift.

What did fit the quick turnaround is that I received this print two days after ordering! I did pay $13 for the expedited shipping.

Finally, these prints are durable. It was easy to open the packaging and confirm that everything was right, then seal the package right back up, wrap it in pretty wedding paper and prepare it for a trip across the Pacific ocean. With no glass to break and colors that shouldn’t fade over time, this print will be a treasure for many years to come.

Now, you might know that Mpix is a sponsor of this blog. They did not, however, supply these prints for me at a discount. I chose Mpix simply because they provided the best product for this photo.

So, as you start planning for gift-giving season, keep these Modern Metallics in mind as a photo gift. They’ll be a great way to show off the family portrait that you take for holiday cards or to give as a gift to grandma.