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I’m behind on my Guided 365 lessons.2017-02-25T15:22:04-06:00

Don’t worry! You’d be super-human if you actually did every day of the Guided 365 on time. I know I couldn’t do it. Life gets in the way of photographing life.

Here’s the thing. Your access to your course material never expires. As long as I maintain this website, you can come back and work through your lessons.

So go easy on yourself. Don’t stress. Come back and get started on those lessons after vacation/during vacation/after the zombies leave. Whatever it is, your lessons will be waiting for you.

I forgot my login info.2017-12-20T10:54:05-06:00

Enter your email address below and click the submit button. You will receive your user name and password shortly. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email within 15 minutes.

How long do I have access to my course materials?2017-02-25T15:22:15-06:00

You have lifetime access to your course materials. “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of this course. As long as I maintain the course and the website, you will have access to the lessons. While I plan on maintaining my courses and website for many more years, if I get hit by a bus, all bets are off! If I do decide to end a course or close the website, you will receive advance notice at your registered email address so that you have time to download any materials you’d like.

This applies to these courses: the Guided 365, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Advanced PSE.


How do I change my password?2017-02-25T15:22:22-06:00
How do I restart a Guided 365 subscription?2017-02-25T15:22:29-06:00

Please contact me using the form below if you’d like to resubscribe to the Guided365.

How do I stop my guided 365 subscription?2017-03-27T16:20:11-05:00

First off, did you know that your access to the lessons you’ve paid for so far never expires? Don’t cancel just because you’re behind. You can catch up on your own schedule.

If you do cancel and decide to start again later, you can pick up where you left off. However, you will pay the same rate as new customers are paying when you re-subscribe.

If you’d still like to stop your Guided 365 subscription, you can do so here.

You will still have access to all of the lessons you’ve paid for, plus the lessons you receive between the time you cancel and the end of the billing period. Your credit card will no longer be charged.