Welcome to Digital Photography for Moms! I’m Erin Peloquin—educator, entrepreneur, and quite possibly the world’s only professional photographer who has also been a certified public accountant and taught Ancient Greek to middle-schoolers.

My specialty is breaking down complex skills and making them easy to master, whether it’s shooting in manual mode or editing in Photoshop. I firmly believe that great photographers are made, not born, and I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world take control of their cameras and create images they love.

I understand what it’s like to be intimidated by your digital camera or overwhelmed by postprocessing, because I’ve been there myself. After starting my career teaching Classics, then working as a CPA, I picked up photography as a hobby—just hoping to capture some memories of my kids. And at first, I wasn’t happy with the results. My photos came out too dark, or out of focus, or they just didn’t pop … and they looked nothing like the moments I remembered (or the inspiring images I saw online).

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“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”
― Stephen King

But thats when all of the educational theory and analytical skills Id learned over the years came in handy. Step by step, I taught myself how to take and edit better photosand I blogged as I went, sharing everything I learned with my readers. Eventually, that blog evolved into this website, along with contributions to Photo Elements Techniques magazine, The Pioneer Woman, and a five-star class for Craftsy.

I truly love teaching, whether its designing a new micro lessons approach to help you learn shooting, editing, offering feedback on your edited photos, or answering questions. Nothing makes me happier as an educator than guiding students toward that lightbulb momentand hearing how happy they are when they see the results.

When Im not teaching or taking photos, youll usually find me with my family, enjoying everything beautiful Austin, Texas, has to offer. But when Im not in Texasyou might just find me across the pond! Im a royal family junkie, love all things Harry Potter, and my husband and I are the bonafide Lord and Lady of one square foot of land in England. (And yes, I have the crown to match.)

Here’s a photo I took of the Queen smiling at William at Kate at their wedding:

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