Daily Guided Photography Practice

An innovative way to learn photography. Learn a new skill each day with a practice assignment to make sure it sticks. Ask all the questions you want!

Online Lightroom Workshop

Collect memories. Not headaches.

Imagine a world where all of your photos were perfectly organized.
A world where you can edit those photos all with the click of a few keys, and the results are so pretty that you immediately press PRINT.

That’s what Lightroom can give you – IF you know how to use it.


Confidence. In Your Photos & Edits.

Be filled with joy each time you look at one of your photos. You’ll know you edited it right and that it will impress.

Advanced Photoshop Elements Class

You know the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements. Layer Masks? No problem. Sharpening? You got it.

But you know that Elements can do much more. You are ready for the rest of story.

I feel that these elements courses have brought my photography to a professional level. The confidence to start my own business derived from the basic element course and now the advanced class allows me to compete with other photographers in my area. This new adventure in photography is made possible because of Erin’s great instruction and guidance. While I still need more practice, I always can refer back to the materials given in these courses which gives me the tools to try new things and explore myself as a photographer. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with my photos and I look forward to taking any new course Erin offers!!