Online photo editing workshops are now open for registration at Digital Photography for Moms.

This fall, make it your goal to speed up your workflow and make your photos look like you wanted them to look straight off the camera! At Digital Photography for Moms, you can learn either Lightroom or Photoshop Elements, or knock ’em both out at once in one workshop.

I’ve taught nearly 1,500 people in a workshop setting over the past 6 or 7 years. And one thing I hear consistently at the end of the courses is that students aren’t ready to “go out on their own” with their edits yet.

They like having the personal attention of an instructor (me) making suggestions for that special photo. I tell my students things like:

  • You can brighten baby’s eyes by using the method on page 37 of the week 4 material.
  • You missed a spot in your layer masking.
  • Your layers are in the wrong order and if you fix them, your daughter’s complexion will look better.
  • You rocked this edit and you are ready to print!

I also answer each and every question my students have about course material and give them very detailed feedback on their homework assignments.

lightroom tutorials

So, when students ask for more time so that they can perfect their workflows and special photos, I listen. During my fall courses, I’m offering a new option. In addition to my usual Silent and Full Participation options, you can sign up for Full Extended. That means you get an entire extra month of time in the forum. An extra month of attention from me to answer your questions and make suggestions about your edits.

Now, not everyone needs this. And you can always upgrade to Extended at the end of the workshop if you realize that you need more time. I just want all students to learn in the way that works best for them, whether it’s an intense 4 weeks or a more leisurely 8.

Want to hear what students from recent classes say about my workshops? Here are a few quotes taken from my after-class surveys:

“Erin teaches methodically and thoroughly. She is very knowledgeable. You couldn’t ask for a nicer teacher who gave 110%. I had used Lightroom, but was a complete beginner in PSE. Erin’s PDFs were step-by-step, which I referred to multiple times. The videos were comprehensive and invaluable. And Erin’s feedback wasn’t just a “Good Job!” Her feedback was lengthy, multiple paragraphs long, detailing every step of our edits, tactfully pointing out different things we could try, and praising us for each new hurdle we overcame. She graciously gave more feedback when a photo was fixed and resubmitted, even though we weren’t expecting it. Thank you for everything, Erin! It was wonderful interacting with the other students too, and seeing their world through their photographs and their editing styles. I was only sad to see the class end.”

Here’s another:

“Erin has a real gift for teaching concepts and skills that may be unfamiliar to many people. Her videos take you step-by-step through the process of editing a photo and giving it a professional look. I’ve owned Elements for several years and learned more in four weeks with Erin than I ever did on my own. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to create professional looking photographs and learn more about Elements!” – Missy Haverdink

And another:

“The Elements course with Erin has really helped me to understand the possibilities that Elements makes available. using visual and written course material really helps you understand what and why you are adding that layer and using a mask and so much more. She teaches in such a clear and easy to understand way that it is a joy to learn and it has really made me want to find out what else I can use Elements for to improve my editing of clients photos. I would highly recommend Erin and her courses.” – Wendy Lovatt (Facebook)

Is this the season that you’ll learn to edit those photos? Read about the Digital Photography for Moms workshops here:

I hope to “see” you soon!