Lightroom users, Adobe released the newest update to Lightroom 5 back in December.  Have you upgraded yet?

It’s available at no cost to anyone who purchased Lightroom 5.

And if you didn’t purchase Lightroom 5, the price on Amazon isn’t bad right now: $107 as of Friday morning, January 9.  Upgrading to Lightroom 5 from 4 will give you the Radial Filter, Smart Previews, and Upright, which straightens slanted photos.

lightroom box

Aside from the usual addition of support for newer cameras and lenses, this version also has some fixes for bugs in prior versions.

Notable new lens support includes:

The lens support is important because Lightroom can correct the distortion and vignetting that is associated with most lenses.  I apply these Lens Corrections to all of my images.

Something else I’m excited about is that 5.3 includes Camera Profiles specific to my Olympus OMD EM-5.  I love that little camera!  It’s Vivid profile is great with skies and isn’t too saturated for most photos. Using these profiles helps you get your Raw photo a little closer to the appearance of the JPG you see on the back of your camera.

This release also clears up a laundry list of minor bugs from prior versions.  There are a couple of changes that might be noticed by Auto White Balance users – the Auto White Balance didn’t always carry over correctly to Snapshots or synchronized photos.  There were also bugs in the Publish to Flickr service, for those of you who use Flickr. However, none of these bugs were huge, to me anyway.

I admit that I tend to ignore these updates until the pop up messages announcing them drive me crazy.  But the makers of Lightroom do a good job of keeping hardware support up to date and working out flaws in their product.  It’s worth it for all of us to take advantage of these updates.