Adobe released an update to Lightroom in June. If you have Lightroom CC, you have a brand new slider to use. It’s called Dehaze. It’s a champ at removing (or even adding) environmental haze.

Take this photo, for example. It’s pretty hazy, right?

Lightroom Dehaze


Here it is with my basic edits in Lightroom. An improvement, but the haze is still clearly visible. Before the dehaze slider arrived, darkening the blacks was my favorite way to remove haze.

Lightroom Dehaze Intermediate Edit

There are the edits I applied:

Lightroom Dehaze Basic Edits

Now for the Dehazing. If you have Lightroom CC, you scroll down to the Effects section – the same place where you find Vignetting and Grain. See the Dehaze slider? Move it to the left to remove haze. Move it to the right to add haze or fog.

Lightroom Dehaze Slider

Here is the final. Amazing, right? Look at the difference in the blue sky! In addition to the Dehaze setting you see above, I increased Exposure by .4 because Dehaze can make your image darker.

Lightroom Dehaze Final Edit


Dehaze in Lightroom 6

How many of you are working along in Lightroom 6 wondering why you can’t find this slider? To refresh your memory, Lightroom 6 is the standalone version of Lightroom. You pay for it once and get to keep it for ever. Sadly, Lightroom 6 doesn’t have access to the Dehaze slider.

As far as I know, this is the only feature in LR CC that LR 6 doesn’t have. I would guess, but don’t know for sure, that this feature will make it into a future version of the standalone Lightroom. Bummer, right?

However, I know a trick! Would you be interested in a set of free presets for Lightroom that gives LR 6 users access to Dehaze? Click here to download.