The Mpix Photo Album is a treasure chest for showing off special photos in your life. Weddings, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, or photoshoots marking a special occasion – you’ll be sure the photos will be presented in their best light in this album.

Mpix has a variety of photo books and is a sponsor of this blog. I’ve ordered most of their books and have been so impressed with them that I knew I should jump on their offer to give me a Premium Photo Album.

Mpix Photo Album – Unboxing

If I were using tired old metaphors, I’d call it the crème de la crème. Instead, I’ll tell you about the experience of unboxing this beautiful photo book – because it was an experience.

Opening the Mpix cardboard box, rather than seeing the album, I found a beautiful and sturdy gift box covered in blue linen.

Mpix Photo Album review - linen box and leather cover


The box tells you that this is a special product and is suitable for gift-giving or storage purposes.


Mpix Photo Album review - thickness of book

After opening this gorgeous box, the lovely leather aroma reaches your nose. Just like a new purse or a fine pair of shoes, that scent is part of the enjoyment.

With its leather cover, the book feels weighty and elegant. Mpix Signature Photo Albums have a minimum of 20 pages; I put an extra 28 in mine. You can see its height above. The album I printed was 10×10 inches and you can also create books in 8×8 or 12×12.

The pages lay flat, for easy browsing and display. And the pages are thick – a full 50% thicker than the pages in the Mpix Premium Hardcover books. Their thickness means durability – you won’t wrinkle, dog-ear, or rip these pages.

You can also choose from three paper types:

  • Glossy Photographic
  • Semi-Gloss Photographic
  • Deep Matte Photographic

I chose semi-gloss for the book, but I do love that deep matte photographic paper too!

Mpix Photo Album review - book design

If you’ve ever designed a book in Mpix, you’ll recognize the interface. It’s easy to use. There are countless options for photo layout, from a panorama that goes across two pages, to multiple photos on 1 page with many layouts to choose from. You can read this tutorial for tips on using the Mpix book designer.

You can choose layouts with text boxes, and you can change the background color of every page. I really enjoyed using the background colors in this design to highlight the best photos. Mpix offers so many colors to choose from that I didn’t have any problems matching the page color to a color in the photo. And yes, taking a color from the photo itself when choosing a mat or a page color is my best advice for striking displays.

And did you notice the cover? You’ll have the choice of gold or silver foil debossing to title your album. There are 5 colors of leather to choose from – mine is Nightfall.

Mpix Photo Album review - leather cover with personalized embossing

What makes these albums an upgrade from the other photo books Mpix offers?

  1. Leather covers
  2. Personalized foil debossing on those covers
  3. Thicker pages of archival quality

The Mpix Signature Photo Album is of the highest quality for the most special photos.

Now, as you’d expect, the Mpix Signature Photo albums cost more than other Mpix photo books. But they are much less than a professional photographer would charge to design a photo album of equivalent quality. And they are worth every penny.

Exclusive Discount

So that you all can try out one of these gorgeous albums, Mpix has created an exclusive discount code for Digital Photography for Moms readers. Make sure to read the fine print: you can save 40% ONLY if you purchase by Tuesday night, CST.

  • Promo code: dpfmalbums221
  • Discount: 40% off Mpix Signature Photo Albums
  • Expiration: Ends on 2/9/2021 at 11:59 p.m. Central

This offer exclusively applies to Signature Photo Albums. Book products such as Premium Hardcover Photo Books, Premium Softcover Photo Books and Economy Photo Books are not included in the promotion. The 40% off promo cannot be combined with other offers except free Standard shipping on orders of $35 or more. The promo code must be entered at checkout to receive the discount, and orders placed prior to the sale will not be discounted. This promo code expires on February 9, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Central.

You won’t see a discount this large on the Mpix Signature Photo Albums very often. I encourage you to try them out this weekend!


Mpix Photo Album Review {A Stunning Photo Book and a BIG Discount!}