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Mpix has recently released a new collage product line that is sure to change the way we share our memories. How do I know? It’s not just because I like this product. (And I do, very much.)
mpix collage-2

I know based on the comments of everyone who has walked in my front door since I received the 69-photo Happy Days Vertical collage from Mpix.

First, there was my husband. He sees so many photos that he becomes jaded to them sometimes. However, he picked up this print and looked at it for a good long time. He looked at every photo, saying things like, “Wow. How cool that you included that one.” Or, “Oh, that was a good night, wasn’t it?”

And next came friends – my friends, and my kids’ friends too.

mpix collage-3


With 69 photos, everyone is included. All the kids’ besties are there, and they have fun looking for themselves in the photos.

And my friends? They stand there looking at every image. It’s not very often that friends want to look at ALL your photos, right?

To make this collage, I pulled together my favorite 69 photos from the past 10 months. I did a Week in the Life last August, and knew there wouldn’t be another scrapbook to cover the rest of the year. This is as close as we’re going to get to a scrapbook for the next few months. And that’s ok, because this collage does a great job of documenting the highlights of the year.

The thing I like about this particular print is that it gathers some memories that wouldn’t normally make it into print. Best case, they would have been a quick Facebook post that got banished to the depths of my timeline after sharing.

Instead, I have a permanent memory of the time my little one made a crazy neon 3 foot long finger loom necklace and insisted on wearing it as a necktie to school. That was a phone photo – not frame worthy, but one that I love seeing every day regardless. I also have photos that memorialize the hamster who passed this year (not that I’m sad about it!) and that celebrate my husband’s 100 mile bike ride.

These are all highlights of our year that wouldn’t normally have been printed. There’s just not enough room on the walls.

Mpix offers many different collage styles & sizes. Check out their options here.  Some include space for words – you could use them to document a new baby’s birth or a child’s first year at school. Others feature artistic elements in addition to the photos. I’m particularly fond of this little fox painting.

As always, ordering from Mpix is quick and easy. Their website makes it easy to upload photos, place them in the collage, adjust the crop and rearrange the photos to fine tune. My print was on its way to me the day after I ordered!

Product Details

I ordered the 20×30 Happy Days Vertical Collage. (That’s the size of a poster.) Its retail cost is $34.39. I added the foam core backing so that I wouldn’t need to frame it. That added an additional $31.60 to the total.

mpix collageTips for Printing Collages

  • You can create a collage with only 2 photos, or with many. The fewer the photos, the more important it is that they match each other visually or thematically. For instance, all of the photos might be black and white, or they might all come from baby’s first birthday party.
  • Make sure that all photos have good exposure and white balance before correcting. If one is off, it will be really obvious in your collage.
  • Minor problems with focus, distractions or composition won’t be as obvious in collages with many small photos. Don’t hesitate about including the imperfect ones!
  • Import phone photos and “real” camera photos into Lightroom before beginning your collage so that you can incorporate both.
  • When I print large groups of photos, I make it easy to upload them all to the printer’s website by using a Lightroom keyword. For this particular print, I added keyword “summer2016collage” to each photo I wanted to use. I used the Text filter in Lightroom to group those photos together and then exported them to one folder for uploading to Mpix.