Mpix is a sponsor of this blog and gave me the products described below at no cost. My opinions are honest.

When we opened the package containing the acrylic prints that Mpix sent me to review, my husband’s first words were:

“This is AWESOME. Can I have them for my desk at work?”

To which I said, “No way. They are going on MY desk.”

Never heard of an acrylic print? I hadn’t either until I came across them on the Mpix website recently. Mpix prints photos onto a piece of acrylic that is either 1/4 inch thick (regular acrylic prints) or 3/4 inch thick (acrylic blocks).

On the back of the acrylic is a white screen print that gives a semi-translucent effect to your photo.

Mpix acrylic prints

Mpix Acrylic Prints: Block Style

The acrylic block is custom designed for an impressive tabletop or desktop photo display. This is my favorite of the two products.

Mpix acrylic prints

Mpix acrylic print blocks come in three sizes: 4×4, 4×6, and 5×7. (The one you see above is a 5×7.) I wish they could print in larger sizes – these prints are impressive!

The blocks are a premium product that cost more than a standard print. However, they are way more than just prints. These statement pieces don’t require a frame and they stand up on their own – no need to prop or lean them.

The colors are vivid and contrast is great! The product is on the heavier side – I love the idea of using this at a desk not just as a decorative item, but a paperweight. I could also easily use it on dressers and credenzas at home – it would be fun to have several of them in various sizes and orientations as part of a photo display.

Mpix Acrylic Prints: Thinner Version

Mpix acrylic prints come in a range of sizes as small as 8×10 and as large as 30×40. These print have a sleek, modern look that would look great in any home with a clean, contemporary style.

Mpix acrylic prints

This product has an ingenious mounting system with a built-in level. I truly think that Mpix has reached the pinnacle of hanging mechanisms – it can’t get better than this. If only every print in my house had been so lucky….

Mpix acrylic prints

Mpix Acrylic Prints: The Bottom Line

Either of these products is a big YES. They are unique and show off the colors in your photo vibrantly. (And check out this tutorial if you want make your colors even more vibrant in Lightroom.) Their uniqueness gives them a professional appearance – most people won’t expect that everyday photographers like us could do this with our photos.

Yes, the blocks are expensive. I wouldn’t print all my photos on them. But I would incorporate them into a desktop or tabletop photo display without hesitation.

Mpix acrylic prints

Any questions? Post them in the comments. I’m happy to give you more details about whether these prints would work in your specific situation.

Mpix Acrylic Prints Review: