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I’ve avoided metallic prints in the past. I had in mind that they would look, well, metallic. That the texture of the metal would show through on the photo. And I couldn’t imagine that the photos would be anything other than washed out when printed on metal.

I was so wrong.

mpix metallic

I chose the photo above to be the first photo in this article because it shows most accurately the first thing I noticed when I opened my package: the shiny, smooth reflection. That reflection is showing on both prints in the photo above – do you see it?

Unless you look at the back of the print, there is no indication at all that the photos are printed on metal. It’s more like they were printed on glass. The surface is completely smooth – no texture at all is visible – and very shiny. It’s this shine creating the reflection you see in the photo above, and its the shine that creates the glass-like appearance.

For wildflower photos with vivid colors, I can’t imagine a better medium to print on. The vibrance of the colors on the metal is exactly what I wanted. The skin tones are accurate, and the colors match their real life appearance exactly.

And do you know what’s really special about these prints? My husband loved them. To get an excited response from him about yet another photography product in this house takes a lot. He indicated that I could order as many of these as I want. And yes, I do have that in writing.

Mpix printed the images that you see in this article for me, so that I could tell you about my reaction to them. I had shared my hesitations about ordering them, and also asked about whether they were more suited to landscape instead of portrait photography. I’m going to share part of an emailed conversation with you guys, so that you can read exactly what I learned:

In just over a year since introducing them to our product line-up, we have found them to be one of our most popular gifting products. What helps set them apart from other products is the way the vibrant and vivid color really pop off the metal surface. What is great about our Modern Metals is that they work with all types of photography. The majority of orders we see in the lab are for people/portraits, so there are certainly no issues with that type of imagery. Landscapes look awesome on metal too. Also, they come ready to hang with a float mount attached to the back, so there is no need to frame and getting them up onto the wall is incredibly easy.

For the rest of the photos in the article, I moved the prints so that no reflection was shining on them. In editing the photos of my prints, I fixed the white balance on these images, and cleaned up a few spots of my wall and floor. Other than that, these images aren’t edited. In particular, I didn’t adjust Contrast, Vibrance or Saturation.

mpix metallic-2

I printed both a closeup and a zoom out with lots of trees, grass and flowers so that I could compare the quality of a portrait vs a more landscape type photo on these modern metals. I was completely happy with both. Each looks true to the file I sent to Mpix. There are no color shifts whatsoever, and this medium is very flattering for skin.

mpix metallic-3

They will be super easy to hang. The float mount on the back (the black rectangle that you see below) is about 3/8″ thick. It’s foam covered with very sturdy cardboard. The white rectangle, with the hole for your nail, is maybe 2 mm thick and is made of metal.

mpix metallic-4 mpix metallic-5

Note that in these screen shots, the photo easels don’t come with the prints.

The print itself is about 2 mm thick also. My prints were each 8×12″, and while they aren’t heavy, they don’t feel particular light, and certainly not flimsy. This metal won’t bend.

mpix metallic-8

As usual, the turnaround from Mpix was quick. These were delivered to my door in very secure packaging, two days after I ordered.

If you print one of these metallics, make sure to check for and repair any blown out colors before sending to Mpix. (Learn how to identify & fix blown colors in Photoshop Elements or in Lightroom.) If your colors are too bright, it will show in these prints due to their vibrancy. They will start to look neon. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any color issues at all.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to give grandmothers or mothers those spring time photos, consider this for a Mother’s Day gift they will treasure. Do you have any questions about Modern Metals from Mpix? Post them in the comments below, and I’ll answer them or get an answer from Mpix for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]