A Photography Seminar
The Mentoring Collective is a cooperative learning community that nurtures blossoming photographers.
Designed for students who have completed the Digital Photography for Moms Guided 365, the Mentoring Collective offers a path for continued study and guided practice.

The best way to take your photography skills to the next level is to analyze and discuss photos - your photos and other people's.

I will show you a step by step process to make this analysis easy.
Use the contact button above to send Erin an email if you are interested in registering for the next session.
Each monthly unit will offer reading material, shooting assignments and guaranteed feedback on 3 photos per student by Erin Peloquin.
Students who have taken the Guided 365. Please see below if you haven't taken the Guided 365.
Maintain your momentum and the community you created with the Guided 365.  Continue practicing and refining your work.
Begins January 1, 2019.
The Mentoring Collective is primarily forum-based. Most interaction will be in the Digital Photography for Moms forum.
Monthly deep dives into topics like photography styles, photography masters, and incorporating traditional art techniques into your photography.
Receive two free editing classes.
After the first six months of the Mentoring Collective, you'll receive  the editing class of your choice (Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, etc.). You'll receive another at the end of the Mentoring Collective, next December. I can't give you a refund or credit for courses you have already purchased, however. These aren't feedback courses, but I will answer all of your questions about course material and provide feedback on your edits as part of your Mentoring Collective homework assignments.
Course Requirements
A commitment to take photos for monthly assignments and to provide feedback for other participants.
A camera that shoots in manual mode
Camera user guide or manual.
Cancel anytime.

The Premise
There is no better way to improve your skills in photography than to build up the observational skills that come from analyzing the work of others and providing helpful and positive feedback.

 The Requirement
Each student must agree to provide in-depth feedback on 1 photo from 3 other participants each month. That's 3 total photos to write up feedback on monthly.

The Time Commitment
You will work one to two hours each week for this project.
$49 per month for 12 months.

Cancel anytime.

Minimum of 10 students. Maximum of 25.

Monthly projects that our unit of study suggests. We'll cover, documentary photography, food photography, photo styling, and much more!
Some technical instruction but mostly studies of photography from various perspectives that allow us to increase creativity and practice shooting.
Feedback on three photos per month from the instructor. Create feedback for and receive it from three other students each month. Discuss course material (any anything else) in the forum.
* How to provide helpful feedback on photos (yours or someone else's)
* What to look for when assessing the strength of an image
* How to develop actionable suggestions for improvement
The Masters
* A brief history of photography
* What makes each pro unique
* Techniques to incorporate into our work
Art Theory
* An overview of important artists from history and how they relate to photography
* Incorporate fine art techniques into your work
Unit Structure
Our first unit will give you the tools you need to analyze photos and provide constructive and actionable feedback to yourselves and others. All units will follow this same structure.
Week 1
Read a PDF lesson about the month's topic. Post questions or comments about it in the forum at any point during the month.
During week 1, you'll also receive the shooting assignment for the month. This assignment will relate to the month's topic and will have specific general goals to focus on.  The goal for month 1 will be the power of observation before you take a photo.
Week 3
Turn your photos in for feedback and write feedback for other students.
Week 4
I'll write up feedback on your photos, and you will do the same for 3 photos taken by other people.
How to Analyze and Critique Photos
Lessons from the Masters of Photography
Lessons from the Masters of Art
Quality and Accuracy Boost
Storytelling, Documentary, and Photojournalist Photography
Styling and Art Direction for Your Photos
Your Personal Style - Identify It and Nurture It
Fine Art Photography
Still Life Photography
Mixed media - printing, collages, and other creative techniques for your photos
Gratitude Project + Food Photography
Off Camera Lighting
But it's not about the topics....
Each unit is designed to keep you going on your journey. Whether or not you feel a particular affinity for a topic, you will continue shooting and focusing on taking quality photos. You will grow through discussion and the support of our community. You'll stay engaged and motivated, and your photography friends will help!

I'm scared. What if I haven't developed my "eye" yet?
If your eye for analyzing photos were fully developed, you wouldn't need this course. You will learn to look at a photo, analyze it and determine how to improve it.
What if I haven't finished my Guided 365 lessons yet?
You are welcome to register for Mentoring Collective and work on both classes at the same time. You will still be able to ask questions about your Guided 365 lessons on the Guided 365 lesson pages. Just know that we won't repeat information in the Mentoring Collective forum.
Can I register without taking the Guided 365?
You need to be an accomplished photographer to make this work. We won't discuss camera settings much in this class. Please email me using the contact link above before registering to tell me about your photography experience.
Will we cover editing?
If you'd like feedback on how you edited your photo, yes, I will definitely provide it. However, you won't be required to edit or purchase software.
Can you provide feedback on non-topic photos?
Yes! I know you will take other photos during the year that you want to be perfect. Each month, you'll choose 3 photos for feedback from your peers and me. One of those photos can be "off-topic." We'll help you perfect that important photo, no matter what the subject material is.
My goal is that many Mentoring Collective Students become better photographers than me.

The success of the Guided 365 program taught me several things:

* People don't need to be taught to. They need a guide who will help them teach themselves.
* An engaged community multiplies the learning opportunities for all involved.

I've developed a series of units that expand your photography knowledge by looking at photography from many different perspectives. For the most part, we will leave technical instruction behind and focus on taking good photos consistently and expanding creative applications.

Each unit features a deep dive into a topic and guided shooting assignments.

I'll provide detailed feedback on 3 photos per month from each participant.

You will also provide feedback on 3 photos per month from other students - but don't worry, I'll give you a formula that makes it easy!

The Fine Print
Cancel anytime, but you can't resubscribe after canceling. In other words, you can't pick and choose the units you participate in.