Lightroom has a not-so-obvious feature that sorts your photos in a wide range of orders. Have you used it?

lightroom sort images location


Among other things, you can sort the photos you are looking at by:

  • Capture Time
  • Edit Order
  • Rating
  • File Type
  • Aspect Ratio

Why would you need to sort your images? This is an invaluable feature for many photographers. Think about events where you have more than one photog, and you want the photos sorted in order of time taken. You might use it for sorting photos from  weddings, vacations, parties, school dances, etc.

To sort your photos, follow these steps:

  1. Type G to enter the Library Grid mode (the Library View with multiple photos visible at the same time).
    lightroom sort images grid
  2. Make sure the Tool bar at the bottom of your Grid is visible. If not, type T or go to the View menu.lightroom sort images menu
  3. Choose your sorting option from the drop down menu.lightroom sort images options
  4. Click the A to Z button next to the drop down menu to sort from A to Z or Z to A.  If you had chosen Capture Time to sort on, A to Z would order the photos from earliest to latest. Z to A is the opposite.

The settings you assign here don’t change unless you change them. I keep mine on Capture Time and A to Z most of the time. I choose Z to A when I’m looking for a recent photo from my mobile phone that I’ve imported into Lightroom.

The displayed photos that you sort using these selections are based on the folder or collection that you are viewing. You can change this using the Folders or Collections panels from the left side of your Library module.lightroom sort images folder panel

This is a super easy tip for Lightroom. Go ahead and look at the bottom of your Lightroom workspace now, so that you know where to sort your images when you need to.