This Lightroom edit saved a quick snapshot that I took yesterday. It’s spring break here in Texas, so Minerva the kitty is getting more than her usual share of attention. I was so impressed with her patience at being forced into the pony entourage and I loved how my little one was playing with her.

Lightroom Snapshot edit b&a-2


I started by cropping the image and attacking the white balance. You can see from my Before (look below), there was a yellow cast to the straight out of camera image. It’s hard for people to identify color issues sometimes (we work on developing this skill in my workshops). I look for a part of the photo that I know is neutral to identify casts. See how kitty’s white fur isn’t as white as it should be?

Lucky for me, the walls in my house are perfectly neutral gray. Yes, I did that on purpose. So in Lightroom, I grabbed the white balance dropper (circled in the image below) and clicked on the wall with it.

lightroom snapshop white balance dropper

That’s the only color adjustment I needed. White balance is great, but the photo is flat and blah.

Lightroom Snapshot edit after wb

That’s where MCP’s new InFusion presets for Lightroom come in. For those of you who have MCP’s Fusion actions for Elements, you know what a versatile set this is. From InFusion, I applied the following presets in Lightroom:

  • One Click Color 50% to add contrast and pop the colors
  • Sentiment 1 to tone the photo
  • Pop the Reds, to bring out the pink in the blanket
  • High Def Sharpening 1, to add some sparkle to the cat’s eyes
  • Highlight Helper 1, to tone down the pinkest pink in the blankets. I was worried that they were starting to blow out.

Lightroom Snapshot edit b&a

So, if you’re counting, that’s 8 clicks and a crop! Not bad for a snapshot with no set up time.  Thanks to Lightroom, I shared this photo with the family online and then got back to the business of spring break!