You love your family. You love your camera. You love every memory captured.

Let’s face it. You’re a devoted mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa who worships the ground your little ones walk on. Pressing pause on your family moments is one of your favorite hobbies, and you have the thousands of digital photos to prove it.

Now, imagine a world where those thousands of photos were perfectly organized.

A world where you simply press a button and your favorite image magically appears. POOF! Hello, baby girl’s first steps.

A world where you can edit those photos all with the click of a few keys, and the results are so pretty that you immediately press PRINT.

Aaah. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

Except right now, your photo collection is more like a mess of mediocre family pics that aren’t going anywhere fast.


  • You want to show off those pics of your beautiful family, but you can barely get your photos in order, let alone presentable!
  • You love your fancy camera, but when you connect it to your computer it seems to play mind-games with you. Putting your files into folders you didn’t even know existed! How can you find what you didn’t know existed?
  • You have thousands of photos sitting in the digital wasteland of your computer. It’s taking you hours to organize and pretty them up. And while you do this, you’re missing out on precious time, and more memories captured!
  • You have tons of tools at your fingertips, yet you feel like a talentless photography wanna-be. How do you even know what edits your photos need if you don’t have the creative eye to catch it?
  • You have so many options, layers, levels, selections and tools in your photo-editing programs that you’re ready for your next glass of wine before you’ve even started.
  • You want to stop feeling like your files are elusive unicorns that you’ll never wrangle! You’re afraid that you’re missing your family’s most important memories with every minute that passes.
  • You want your photos to look as pristine, sparkly, warm and lovely as the photos you’ve seen on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

You want to lighten the load, lighten your fears, lighten the path to fabulous photos. You want to Light Up Your Life!

I completely understand how you feel, my fellow light-seeking friend. I once spent a whole lot of time in the photo darkness trying to find the light too.

My name’s Erin Peloquin, lead light bearer of photography at Digital Photography for Moms. But before I found the bright & shining path to quick and gorgeous photos, I was a mommy with a camera, a deep desire to capture precious moments, and not a clue how to bring my vision to life.

Snapping photos of my two precious girls wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to see their photos shine brightly and beautifully, the way I experienced them. Their faces light up any room, after all, so why not my photographs?

I wanted to capture a moment in time and keep it forever.

But it would take me several hours, and countless headaches, to get my photos to look as beautiful as the ones I saw posted on Pinterest or hanging from the wall’s of my friends who hire pricey professional photographers.

Tired of the headache, I taught myself absolutely everything there is to know about Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom (photo-editing softwares that turn drab snaps into fab snaps!).

By diving deep into my passion, I became a top-notch expert in making memories brighten a room, a face, a planet. Now, I have 12+ years experience in pulling promising photographs from the depths of darkness, and turning them into memories worth sharing – and I’m going to teach you how to do the same!

You deserve to feel proud of your photos, and I am 100% certain that I can teach YOU to import, organize, edit, and LOVE the images you create.

If you want to bring light to the headache of image organization and editing and create beautiful photographs, then The Light Up Your Life Workshop is the journey I want you to experience.

I created this 4-unit course for memory catchers like you! It takes the pain out of Lightroom by providing you with the easy-to-follow, start-to-finish guidance you’ll need as a photo-editing newbie.

So you’ll finally:

  • Feel completely confident that your camera is capturing digital files that will be treasured, with a workflow that is seamless and effortless afterward.
  • Import your photos without a hitch, and know exactly where they’re going in minutes. Imagine importing, reviewing, and narrowing down a day’s worth of photos in under 10 minutes!
  • Find the photographs that mean the most to you. With all your newfound tricks, it’ll leave you with more time to share memories, instead of agonizing at your computer for hours!
  • Know that “talent” is just another word for “determination,” and understand the mechanics of what makes a photo beautiful. Now you’ll be the talented one with the fantastic photographs!
  • Make your loved ones proud just like you always dreamed! You’ll press PRINT on your most favorite creations and hang them over your mantle for others to “ooooh” and “aaaah” over!
  • Your little ones might grow up fast, but your STUNNING photos will last forever.

After just a few weeks with the Light Up Your Life package, I’ll make your photography dreams come true.



“By the way, I took 2 LR courses and continue to avoid it because I couldn’t control the organization of the photos that I was importing. After the 1st lesson of your class, I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat – I’m on my way to taming the beast! You have such a wonderful talent for teaching and I marvel at how many hours it must have taken to put all of these classes together. I can’t imagine being a mom and doing all of that.” 

Gina V.
I had been resisting editing, partly because I wanted to get my photos great in-camera and partly because Lightroom and photo organisation overwhelmed me.  This course has opened my eyes to editing – my photos can be much more special!  By the end of the course I had beautifully organised photos and a basic editing workflow that I am confident will improve.  Erin is a patient teacher who knows Lightroom inside out, and it shows in her step-by-step instruction, detailed feedback, and answers to questions.  Being able to work through the course without the pressure of a completion date and still being able to get feedback from Erin was perfect for me as a busy working mum.  I got so much out of this course and I’m sure I will continue to improve – thank you Erin!

So, what are you doing sitting there staring at your endless archive of photos?

SIGN UP for THE LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE PACKAGE and you’ll receive:

  • A class custom-made for Lightroom Classic (the desktop version)
  • A 4-unit comprehensive course with moi, a top-notch expert in Lightroom, so you can have the personalized guidance and feedback you deserve! The course includes four units, delivered once a week week for four weeks. Each unit contains 2-5 individual lessons. For users of Lightroom 2 and up!
  • 2-4 Weekly PDFs with hundreds of pages of informative guides and step-by-step screenshots, so you can organize and start upgrading your photographs to lightning status immediately!
  • More than SEVEN hours of videos, so you have the support you need to use Lightroom as efficiently as possible NOW.
  • A Skin-Tone Guide customized for Lightroom, so you can improve skin color and retouch portraits!
  • Sample Files! Nab these practice files to hone your skills even if you can’t find a photo of your own to practice on.
  • Weekly detailed homework assignments, so you can practice your skills of correcting exposure and white balance, smoothing skin, creating photo enhancements and more!
  • Personalized feedback on your homework to help you train your creative eye!

You’ve got it in you to become a Lightroom expert, too!


When you buy, you’ll receive a flurry of information from me to help you get started on the right foot, including a crash course about how to use the class forum.

  • When class begins, you’ll login to my forum where your magical tools wait to serve you. Download all of your helpful PDFs and videos for the unit and prepare your questions for your fearless leader (that’s me!).
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as your photo-loving heart desires. I’ll answer them promptly and get you on your way to putting your newfound skills to practice.
  • You’ll receive several homework assignments per unit, custom-made to sharpen your skills about what you learned. After posting your assignment, you’ll receive my thoughtfully crafted personal feedback (what I love, what I noticed/observed, what I would do differently). My feedback on every student’s assignment will be available to you, so that you’ll learn not only from your own mistakes and triumphs, but from those of your peers as well. Other students might also give you the low-down of what they think of your fab photos.
  • You’ll receive free access to any new course material that supports Lightroom upgrades. For as long as I teach this course!
  • Your forum access won’t expire, as long as I teach this course. Even after you turn in your last homework! You can always come back and ask questions about Lightroom.

NoteSilent participation students get to download all of the goodies, but can’t post questions or homework. But there’s so much to learn from the questions and answers posted by your peers, and you’ll have full access to reading those forums and the feedback on others’ homework as well. If you’re a self-directed dynamo, then this should work just fine for you!


How is The Light Up Your Life Package different from other tutorials online?

It’s unlike any others out there! You’ve probably spent hours trolling the internet hoping to find the right tutorial to help you organize and edit your photos. But that’s felt like a waste of time because you’ve had to experiment with the various options for finding your photos or using a certain edit, not knowing what’s most effective. My course takes the guesswork out of it, and you have a trusted guide to lead the way. I wrap the best techniques up in a neat package, answer questions and provide detailed critique.

Also, most photo editing classes aren’t offered on an on-demand basis. Do the work when you want. No due dates, no expiration. You will have access to the forum where I answer questions & grade homework for at least one year after you register.

Begin whenever you want! No need to wait until a given day to start the class. And come back to the forum whenever you want to ask questions, even after I’ve graded your last homework!

Why don’t I get Lifetime Access to your course materials & forum?

Some workshops offer lifetime access, but really, what does that mean? Your lifetime? Mine? The company’s? I want to be honest with you. You get access to this course, any upgrades I issue to correspond with updates to Lightroom, and access to the Lightroom forum for as long as I run the class. I do hope to retire someday, and I’m not going to offer you help after that! But you’ll have at least one year from the date of purchase to turn in your homework and ask me questions. Does that sound fair?

Will trying to organize and fix my photos become a huge pain?

Not anymore! You might feel like the time/confusion/burden of this “hobby” has snowballed into something you don’t enjoy anymore, but trust me, I make it absolutely painless! I know how important it is to understand these tools so that you can enjoy photography & photo editing and feel motivated to document and record the lives of your loved ones.

Adobe says Photoshop Elements is super easy to use for hobbyists, so why do I need Lightroom?
Yup, that’s what they say, don’t they? They definitely market it as a quick fix and a first stop for your photo woes, but what I’ve found is that Lightroom is a fantastic program that I encourage all of my students to try first before going on to my Photoshop Elements workshop. The workflow with Lightroom is faster and more intuitive. You can do more in a shorter amount of time, and you can then use PSE to fill in the gaps. I’ll teach you all this and more in my workshop!

What’s the time commitment?

Extremely doable! Just 5 to 7 hours per unit for most people to read through the materials and do the homework!

What’s your refund policy?

I agree to provide refunds up until the course materials become available to you. Unfortunately, once you have access to all of the materials, I can no longer provide a refund. You can’t get the milk without buying the cow, y’all!

Still have some burning questions? Shoot me an e-mail by clicking on the Contact button near the upper right corner of this page.

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Read all forum posts, including questions, answers & graded homework
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