Myself, I just upgraded to Lightroom 5.

You might have read my post a few weeks ago about the Lightroom 5 beta.  I am still loving the new features, and I’m thrilled to have my catalog moved over once and for all.

The best news is that any presets you’ve invested in should work just fine.  I tested everything that Jodi and I created over at MCP and they are all great!

And to recap, here are my favorite new features about Lightroom 5:

  • Advanced Healing Brush – remove large, irregularly shaped distractions – not just the spots we’ve been limited to removing previously.  This is my favorite!  Cloning and the spot removal are always big reasons for me to take a photo into Elements or Photoshop.  Now I have one less reason to do that.
  • Upright – to correct perspective distortion
  • Radial Gradient – apply adjustments to highlight key areas of your photo.  This is great for off center vignettes, or more than one vignette per image.

My Lightroom upgrade came as part of the Creative Cloud subscription that I purchased a few weeks back.  Have any of you subscribed also?  It doesn’t apply to Elements users.  However, for LR or full Photoshop users, you can pay one monthly fee and have access to most of Adobe’s programs.  I, being an upgrade junkie, like knowing that I always have the most recent release, and it was so easy to download the latest version of Lightroom when I woke up Monday morning.  However, if I didn’t use Lightroom, Photoshop and In Design, it probably wouldn’t be worth it for me.

So here are my questions:  Did you subscribe to Creative Cloud?  And are you upgrading to Lightroom 5?