Learn Photoshop Online

Learn Photoshop Online!

It’s time for you to figure out Photoshop CC once and for all.

You have Photoshop CC. But do you use it?

More importantly, do you use it the right way?

Photoshop CC has what it takes to improve your photos. But you don’t want to spend time trolling the internet looking for the right tutorial.

Let Erin Peloquin, a longtime photo editing instructor, show you how to use Photoshop CC to create precise and stunning edits for your photos.

You know Photoshop can:

  • Fix color issues in your photos.
  • Make skin tones glow!
  • Undo bad exposure settings.
  • Add vibrant clarity to your landscape photos.

But, when you’re in Photoshop,

  • you wonder why people tell you to use the Unsharp Mask to sharpen your photos.
  • you know that the Curves tool is important, but can’t figure out why it’s got nothing but straight lines.
  • look in vain for the portrait editing button.
  • just want to make your photo look better, for Pete’s sake.

Here’s the thing about Photoshop: it’s less than intuitive. But once you learn a few basics (navigation, layers, and masks), the rest falls into place easily. It’s like sewing. For your first project, you spend most of your time looking for the right words to search for to get the help you need. After that, you learn a few techniques and tips and you are well on your way.

Learn Photoshop online from a long-time teacher and seasoned Adobe expert. With over one hundred pages of PDFs and more than 7 hours of video, Erin will show you efficient techniques to edit your photos.

Learn Photoshop Online


Designed just for photographers, this class will show you the tools you need to improve your photos. Whether you need to correct shooting issues like white balance and exposure, you want to remove that annoying distraction in the background, or you’d like to retouch your subject’s complexion, this course will give you a comprehensive guide for all your photography editing needs.

Never used an Adobe product in your life? This course will lead you from your first steps through completed edits so that you’ll feel like you’ve known Photoshop for ages! What if you use Lightroom too? You’ll learn how to work with Photoshop and Lightroom together to edit your photos with precision and speed. But don’t worry – you don’t have to use Lightroom for this class.

Custom-made for real-life. You’ll receive one unit per week of the workshop for four weeks after your purchase. After that, your access to the course materials never expires. Watch the videos whenever your schedule allows – you can even download the videos and PDFs to keep forever. Your homework has no due dates. Turn it in tomorrow or next year, and I’ll still provide feedback on it.


You’re intelligent and willing to put time into figuring out Photoshop, but you

  • know that there is an easier way to do what you need to do in Photoshop.
  • have been hopping from tutorial to tutorial looking for the magic bullet.
  • ignore most of the options for the tools you use.
  • waste hours editing just a few photos.
  • are overwhelmed by all of the menus, tools, and options in Photoshop.
  • want your edits to look like the before and afters you see online.

You are ready to give your images what they deserve: the best treatment in Photoshop!


  • 4 units of detailed instruction about Photoshop. Each is 2 to 5 lessons.

  • Over 300 pages of PDF guides

  • 8 hours of video

  • A skin tone cheat sheet that gives you a head start on your portrait edits.

  • Curves quick guide

  • Detailed homework assignments each week so that you can make sure all this new info sticks!

  • Sample images for you to practice your edits on.

  • Detailed feedback on your homework to help train your eye like a photographer. (Full participants only)

  • Answers to all your questions about course material (Full participants only)

  • Color correcting check list


I have been teaching at Digital Photography for Moms for 10 years now. I’ve been using Photoshop for nearly as long and got my start with Photoshop Elements long before.

But what should be more important to you if you are considering taking this course is that I am a teacher. I began my career teaching Latin to college students and middle schoolers. And if I can teach a 14-year-old to amo, amas, amat, that means you can expect patient, constructive and relevant guidance that will help you improve your photos.

My one goal as a teacher is to make sure that students leave my courses confident in their new knowledge and able to apply it independently. I incorporate teaching strategies recommended by the US Department of Education to ensure understanding and retention.

In-depth homework assignments give you the chance to explore your new knowledge. I prepare detailed feedback on each assignment full students turn in to help you refine your technique and create the best possible images.

I’ve taught thousands of people to take better photos. I’ve helped thousands become quality photo editors.

After all that experience, I know how to explain things so that they are easy to understand. I know the questions students ask – and I answer them before students think to ask them.

You work hard to take beautiful photos and you (and your loved ones) deserve to have photos that reflect the love you feel for them. I know you can do it!


“Thanks so much for your way of teaching, patience, and support at every level.  I am definitely spreading the word on your website!!!”  

Sharon G

“You word things in a way I understand and I’m enjoying this so much because we get to practice each thing, not just read about it!”


“I wouldn’t want to learn it from anyone else but you. You are a great instructor.” 


“Erin is a patient teacher who knows Lightroom inside out, and it shows in her step-by-step instruction, detailed feedback, and answers to questions.  Being able to work through the course without the pressure of a completion date and still being able to get feedback from Erin was perfect for me as a busy working mum.  I got so much out of this course and I’m sure I will continue to improve – thank you Erin!”



If you are ready to lose the find-your-way-in-the-dark feeling that catches you each time you edit your photos, it’s time to learn Photoshop now!

I created it for photographers like you.

You have a style all your own and you need to develop a workflow that helps you work through your images quickly while making that style shine!

You’ll finally:

  • know how to plan your edits from Lightroom to Photoshop, or just in Photoshop.
  • take a dark photo with a funky color cast and turn it into a bright, crisp, and clear image to be proud of.
  • Use those advanced color correction features that you can find only in Photoshop.
  • Smooth skin for a natural and flattering look.
  • Edit landscape photos to make your focal point pop.
  • Sharpen your photos to remove the fog.

The Syllabus:

Unit 1

  • Open photos from Lightroom to Photoshop.
  • Open photos without Lightroom
  • Save files
  • Choose the appropriate file types
  • Navigate the workspace
  • Crop photos
  • Downsize photos for sharing online
  • Determine how large you can print your photos
  • Learn how histograms can help you edit your photos precisely
  • Learn how to use Photoshop when you shoot Raw

Unit 2

  • Adjust exposure
  • Adjust contrast
  • Adjust color and white balance
  • Adjust skin tone by the numbers
  • Choose between adjustment layers and pixel layers
  • Customize layers using blend modes and opacities
  • Create selective edits using layer masks
  • Edit non-destructively

Unit 3

  • Retouch photos:
    • soften skin
    • remove blemishes
    • enhance eyes
    • brighten teeth
  • Remove distractions
  • Dodging and burning for creative effect
  • Use Photoshop’s History tools

Unit 4

  • Sharpen photos and add clarity
  • Remove noise
  • Creative edits (matte, black & white, vintage and more!)
  • Watermark your photos
  • Edit a photo from start to finish
Register Now!


When you buy, you’ll receive a flurry of emails from me to help you get started on the right foot, including a crash course about how to navigate the class materials and the forum.

  • As soon as you register, you can watch videos about how the class works.
  • I’ll create your forum account shortly after you register. Visit the forum, create your signature, and turn in your “pre-homework.”
  • After finding your bearings in the class, you are ready to get started. You’ll have access to unit 1 immediately, and will receive each additional unit over the next 3 weeks.
  • Post all the questions about course material that you can come up with. I’ll answer them promptly and get you on your way to putting your newfound skills to practice.
  • You’ll receive several homework assignments per unit, custom-made to sharpen your skills about what you learned. After posting your assignment, you’ll receive my thoughtfully crafted personal feedback (what I love, what I noticed/observed, what I would do differently). My feedback on every student’s assignment will be available to you so that you’ll learn not only from your own mistakes and successes, but from those of your peers as well. Other students might also give you the low-down of what they think of your fab photos.
  • You’ll receive free access to any new course material that for this workshop – for as long as I teach this course!
  • Your forum access won’t expire, as long as I teach this course. You can always come back and ask questions, even after you turn in your last homework!
  • You have NO homework due dates. Turn it in whenever you finish. No stress. Photography is supposed to be a hobby, right?


How is your Photoshop workshop different from other tutorials online?

You’ve probably spent hours trolling the internet hoping to find the right tutorial to help you edit your photos. But those tutorials aren’t thorough enough. The tips never work right for you. And they aren’t taught by teachers! My course is based on the latest research about learning and memory, and you will always have me as a resource if you have questions. I wrap the best techniques up in a neat package, answer questions, and provide detailed critiques.

Which Version of Photoshop is this course for?

This course will help you learn the current version of Photoshop CC. If you have prior versions of Photoshop CC, you’ll be able to use this class as well.

Is Lightroom a Requirement?

If you have Photoshop CC, you have Lightroom also. I will teach you how to access your photos whether you use Lightroom or not. However, I will not cover Raw editing because it’s better done in Lightroom than in Photoshop.

Are there due dates for my homework?

No. Turn in your homework whenever you’d like. I’ll provide feedback and answer your questions whether you post this week or next year.

How long do I have to download the course materials?

Your access to course materials never expires. For as long as I maintain this class, you can come back and download your PDFs and videos.

What kind of experience is required to take this class?

Aside from basic computer skills, there are no prerequisites. Whether you’ve never opened a Photoshop product before today, or you already have experience with Lightroom or Photoshop Elements, this class will help you get started. And even if you’ve used Photoshop before, this course will show you the best ways to edit your photos.

Why don’t I get Lifetime Access to your course materials & forum?

Some workshops offer lifetime access, but really, what does that mean? Your lifetime? Mine? The company’s? I want to be honest with you. You get access to this course, any upgrades I make to course material, and access to the forum for as long as I run the class. I do hope to retire someday, and I’m not going to offer you help after that! But you’ll have at least one year from the date of purchase to turn in your homework and ask me questions. Does that sound fair?

What’s the time commitment?

Extremely doable! Just 3 to 5 hours per unit for most people to read through the materials, watch the videos and do the homework!

What’s your refund policy?

I agree to provide refunds up until the course materials become available to you. Unfortunately, once you have access to the materials, I can no longer provide a refund. You can’t get the milk without buying the cow, y’all!


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  • Read all forum posts, including questions, answers & graded homework
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  • Ask unlimited questions about course material
  • Receive comprehensive feedback on homework assignments


Full Registration

  • Download all course materials
  • Read all forum posts, including questions, answers & graded homework
  • Post in forum, including asking questions and turning in homework
  • Ask unlimited questions about course material
  • Receive comprehensive feedback on homework assignments