There are a couple of ways to install Lightroom presets. While some recommend installing by using the plus sign icon on the Preset panel, that method doesn’t always work smoothly. The best way to install Lightroom presets is below:

  1. Download the presets file and unzip or extract it.
  2. Open Lightroom and open Preferences. On Macs, this is on the Lightroom menu. On PCs, this is on the Edit Menu.Install Presets in Lightroom
  3. In Preferences, select the Presets tab. Click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder.Install Lightroom Presets
  4. Your Finder (Mac) or Explorer (PC) will open. Open the Develop Presets folder inside the Lightroom folder that has opened.Install Presets in Lightroom
  5. Copy the unzipped folder you downloaded. Paste it into this Lightroom folder. You want to copy and paste the entire (unzipped) folder called “Dehaze – Digital Photography for Moms”, not the individual presets inside it.
  6. Restart Lightroom and open the Develop module. You will see a new folder in the presets panel containing your Dehaze presets.
    Install Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets

If you run into problems installing the presets, double check the following:

  • Did you unzip the preset file that you downloaded from the internet?
  • Did you install the entire folder of presets rather than each individual file?