Ok, I just learned something new that has made layer masks in Photoshop Elements much easier for me.  I can’t believe I haven’t been using this all along. . . .

Sometimes you have to look very closely to see where you’ve placed subtle edits using a layer mask.  But this trick makes it completely obvious where you’ve painted or what you’ve missed.

When working on an effect using a layer mask, hit alt + shift and click on the layer mask thumbnail.  Everything you have painted white will look like your image, and everything black with be tinted in red.  You’ll get something like this screen shot:

Layer Mask Trick

See how I missed a big spot on the cutie’s dress and smaller spots on her face and neck?  Plus, you can see that the edges of my selection are terrible.  Zooming in closely while using this view will make perfecting selections much easier.

To turn off this layer mask view, just type alt + shift and click on the layer mask again.

I think this discovery just might change my life.  Or at least save me some serious time.  How many of you knew about this already?  What else am I missing that is a huge help in Photoshop Elements?  Can you tell that I’m excited!

Hope you guys are having a relaxing Sunday.