This tutorial about how to print phone photos is the third in a 3 part series on mobile photography. The first was about taking the best photos with your camera phone, and the second covered how to edit them for maximum impact. Today will be the most important tutorial of all: how to preserve those memories for ever. Make sure to read all the way through to the big trick – it’s hard to print well from your phone without knowing this!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to print photos from my phone more often than photos from my “real camera.” Why? I’m not consistent about downloading photos from my phone to my computer, and I’ve lost some good ones because of it.

It’s very important to me to save these memories. The phone photos might not always be the technically correct, portfolio-perfect images, but they are real. They are candid memories of our most wonderful moments.

And, honestly, these are the photos that my kids love. These are the photos of the flip in the pool, finally mastered. (Mom, take a picture of this!) These are the photos of silly grins and I-can’t-believe-the-outfit-my-eight-year-old-put-together-today. You know the ones – you only have 30 seconds to shoot before the moment passes or she gets on the bus to leave for school.

So we have these prints lying all around the house, at my husband’s office or in the kids’ backpacks.

Part of the reason I print so many photos is that Mpix makes it quick and easy.

Disclaimer: Mpix is a sponsor of this blog.

Mpix would be my go-to printer even if they didn’t sponsor me. Why? Their quality is professional grade. In fact, Mpix is owned by Millers, a long standing professional print lab. I print photos for my clients at both Millers and Mpix.

But we are talking about how to print phone photos. Mpix has a free app called Tap to Print that makes ordering prints a 30 second process. The app is available here for iOS and here for Android.

After opening the app, you’ll see a screen that contains an empty shopping cart and a notification of any sales going on.


print phone photos

After tapping the Add Prints button, navigate to the photos stored on your phone that you’d like to print. You can change the following options about your prints:

  • Size
  • Paper (E-Surface or Metallic)
  • Black & White or Color
  • Quantity
  • Crop/Zoom

print phone photos

Photo sizes through the Mpix app go up to 16×20.

print sizes

After adding all your prints, tap on the Cart button, sign in to or create your Mpix account, and check out. Your address and billing information can be saved to speed up your next order.

After that, sit back and wait – but not for long. I paid $4 extra to upgrade from Economy to Standard shipping, and my order arrived two days after I placed it. I ordered on a Monday afternoon and received the prints on Wednesday.

And the prints were perfect. The color was great, the paper professional level. And by professional level, I mean that Mpix uses the same paper for its prints as its professional parent Millers does.

In addition, each order you place at Mpix receives personal attention. It’s reviewed for quality and completeness.

There are many apps that will print phone photos for you. But it’s rare to find a company whose app prints on professional level paper and inspects each order personally.

Print Phone Photos: My Secret Trick

Ok, so Mpix is a fabulous tool, but it’s not my secret trick. The thing you have to know about your phone is that the screen adds brightness, contrast & saturation to the appearance of your photos. A photo that looks like it has subtle contrast & saturation on your phone is going to print looking dull. 

So, I recommend that you slightly over process each phone photo that you are going to print. Add a small amount of brightness or exposure, contrast and saturation. Push it just past what you feel comfortable with, and it should print perfectly!