“How to Edit Photos: Develop Your Editors Eye” recently made its debut at Craftsy.

In this class, I focus on how to edit, of course. But more importantly, I teach you to recognize WHEN you need to edit and when to STOP editing.

The class covers Lightroom & Photoshop. (Photoshop Elements isn’t addressed in this one.)

How to Edit Photos

This class is a two hour targeted look at exposure, color, contrast, composition and sharing photos. It’s not a comprehensive workshop like you’ll find here at Digital Photography for Moms. If you know the basics of using Lightroom & Photoshop, this course will refine your knowledge of techniques like:

  • How to edit photos for exposure
  • How to correct color casts, white balance and blown out colors in your images
  • How to edit photos for contrast
  • How to improve composition
  • How to sharpen and resize photos for sharing

Those are the “how to’s” that I teach in the class. Here are the more important “when’s.”

  • When exposure is right, and when it is not fixable
  • When white balance & skin tone are right “by the numbers”
  • When contrast overlaps exposure in photos
  • When your crop is “technically” right
  • When your should recompose your photo
  • When your photo is ready to share

As part of this class, you’ll receive an editing checklist that reminds you how to edit and when to stop editing. You’ll also receive a skin tone guide to help you find the right by-the-numbers edit for your subject.

Clicking on any of the links in this article will give you an immediate 50% discount on this class. I’d love for you to join me to learn how to edit photos.

How to Edit Photos

Also, I’m curious about what you guys think about this workshop format. Have you taken Craftsy classes before? Do you like shorter, easy-to-complete workshops with less interaction, or longer workshops with lots of feedback? Post a comment below if you’d like to share.