Learn How to Critique Photos

How to Critique Photos

What’s the Best Way to Improve Your Photography?

Just because you know how to control exposure doesn’t mean you take good photos. Photos that are technically perfect can still be boring and lifeless. But that thing that adds interest and life to photos? THAT’S the hard part.

Learning to critique photos systematically will help you identify how you can improve your images.

Does this describe you? You’re getting pretty good with your camera. You can manage proper exposure and focus most of the time.

But still, you wonder whether your photos are good.

Or you wonder why your technically correct photo doesn’t have the eye-catching oomph that your favorite photographer’s work has.

Learning to assess what makes a photo great – and where it can improve – is the key to becoming a better photographer.

Lucky for us, critiquing a photo isn’t a special talent that only some of us possess. It’s a systematic process that we can all follow.

You know when you see a photo you like. It’s not hard to judge whether:

  • The photo is sharp
  • The color is good
  • The exposure is right

But how do you figure out what makes that photo special so that you can apply the same techniques to your own images? More importantly, what makes a professional photographer, a professor, or a fancy critic single out a photo as being “important” or “artistic?”

In this mini-course, you’ll learn to “read” a photo. What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? And how can you duplicate it?

And this technique is easier to learn than you might imagine. 

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The more time you spend analyzing photos (yours and those of others), the faster your photography will improve!

How to Critique Photos

The Photography Boost Series

Welcome to the Photography Power Boost series from Digital Photography for Moms!

I have all sorts of classes available on this website. Some are intense, designed to give you an in-depth course in about a month. Others give you short daily lessons every day for a year.

But sometimes, you just need a little something to kickstart your motivation. To boost your inspiration.

“How to Critique Photos” is the first course in this series. Stay tuned for more!

Photography Power Boosts:

  • can be read in one sitting – they’re quick and easy.
  • are chock full of actionable techniques that teach you an important skill.
  • go a step beyond the technical – they’re designed to inspire you to shoot!
  • offer a Facebook group for students to ask and answer questions, plus give feedback to each other.

Photography Power Boosts are the short dose of photography goodness you need to re-ignite your inspiration!


With the Learn to Critique Photos Power Boost, you’ll receive:

  • One PDF mini-course, How to Critique Photos

  • A cheat sheet for critiquing photos

  • A bonus guide about increasing your attention to detail

  • Access to a private Facebook group for Digital Photography for Moms students to discuss their work and ask each other questions


I’ve critiqued thousands of photos in my life. Tens of thousands.

Most of those photos have been my own, and many of them have come from my students.

And here’s what I know for sure: my photography would not have grown to the point where it is today if I hadn’t become a teacher and learned to provide feedback on photos for my students. Each time I analyze what makes someone else’s photo great and where it can improve, I learn lessons to incorporate into my own work.

I’ve distilled my process for giving feedback on photos into a system that anyone can use.

Just like me, you’ll use this system to look at a friend’s photo and tell her what she did a great job with and what she could improve.

You’ll use it to look at your own photos and give yourself an honest assessment about what you did right and what you should change next time.

You’ll use this system to break down what you like about a photo you’d like to emulate.

And most importantly, you’ll use this system before you ever pick up your camera, to plan all of the elements of a great image. Consider it your blueprint for taking the photo you want.

This course comes from my ten years plus of teaching photography and editing photos. But it won’t take you ten years to learn this material. You can read through it and start putting it into practice within 30 minutes!


  • how to look at a photo and know what makes it good

  • how to plan an image to make it eye-catching

  • how to give actionable feedback for your photographer friends

  • which questions to ask when you analyze your own work

Most importantly, you’ll fast-track the experience-building process that helps you know a good photo when you see it!

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After I buy this mini-course, what happens next?

After you purchase this mini-course, you will be able to download it immediately. After you read it (in one sitting) you can immediately begin putting its techniques to work!

How long do I have to download the course materials?

Your access to course materials never expires. For as long as I maintain this class, you can come back and download your PDFs.

What kind of experience is required to take this class?

You need to have a good understanding of photography basics. Do you know how to control exposure on your photo? Do you know how to take a sharp image? Understand the difference between aperture and shutter speed and ISO? This course is for you!

Will I get feedback on my photos in the Facebook group?

You might! This group is for student interaction. The more you practice your new critique skills on other people’s photos, the more likely they are to provide feedback on your photo. The instructor might drop in every once in a while also, but this isn’t guaranteed.

How does the guarantee work?

I promise that you will learn actionable techniques from this course and that putting them into practice will improve your photography. If not, use the contact button at the top right corner of this page to email me. Within 30 days of purchase, tell me what you did with the course material and the techniques that you tried. As long as you gave it a fair try, I’ll refund your purchase price.

Why don’t I get Lifetime Access to your course materials?

Some workshops offer lifetime access, but really, what does that mean? Your lifetime? Mine? The company’s? I want to be honest with you. You get access to this course, and any upgrades I make to course material for as long as I run the class. I do hope to retire someday, and I’m not going to offer you help after that! But you’ll have at least one year from the date of purchase to download your course materials, and maybe much more!