It’s super easy to change the orientation of an image in Lightroom, but only if you know how! By changing the orientation, I mean that your are rotating the crop, or taking a horizontal image like this:

Rotate the Crop in Lightroom

and cropping it to a vertical image like this:

Rotate the Crop in Lightroom

(Or vice versa- you could also take a vertical image and crop it to a horizontally oriented photo.)

In other photo editing software, you’ll usually find a button that changes the orientation of your crop from horizontal to vertical. Lightroom’s method for changing the orientation is simpler but disorienting, since most of us look for the button.

To change the orientation of an image in Lightroom, turn on the crop tool by typing the letter R (for cRop). Make sure that the aspect ratio lock is locked. You can click on it to lock it – it should look like it’s closed, as it looks next to the arrow in the screen shot below.

rotate the crop in lightroom screen shot

Next, click and drag on one of the corner sizing handles. I put a circle around the one that I used in the image above. If you drag that handle down or diagonally down and to the right, you’ll apply a crop in the same orientation as the original photo.

However, if you drag that handle directly to the right, your crop will change to a vertical orientation and will look something like this:

change the orientation of an image in lightroom

Video Tutorial: Change the Orientation of an Image in Lightroom

And here’s a quick video tutorial that shows you how to change the orientation of an image in Lightroom.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below. I’m here for you!