Are you ready to order your holiday cards this year? I am not even close, personally. But this news from Mpix has gotten me motivated to start planning the photo session & choose the card.

Ordering holiday cards at Mpix is easier than ever before. And that’s a good thing – there are tons of new cards to choose from this year, including beautiful Foil Pressed designs.

These card designs are giving me the inspiration I needed to visualize what our family portrait will look like this year.

You can check out all the card options here. The Christmas specific cards are here and Hanukkah cards here. Go ahead, even if you’re reading this on your phone. You can view the designs easily and filter by the number of photos to include in the card, the size, the holiday you’d like to celebrate and several other options.

My favorite new feature is probably that you can order cards in sets of 5, rather than 25 as in years past. 

This one, I believe, will be my favorite.

mpix holiday photo cards

In prior years, I’ve set up my studio equipment for an indoor photo. This year, I’m thinking it’s time to do an outdoor image. I love the way the red  flowers in the background of the card above coordinate with the red font on the card.

This could be an easy set-up for a day of holiday photo mini sessions also.

Mpix also has these adorable ornament photo cards. They are perfect for folks that might want to keep your card from year to year.


This is the back of the ornament card:

HomeForChristmasPopBack_CircleMpix offers lots to choose from for holiday photo cards. If you have any questions about the ordering process or you’re looking for a specific design, post what you need in the comments below. I’ll get an answer for you from Mpix.