A Free Photography Challenge
The Gratitude Project is a free photography challenge for all levels of photographers.

The holidays are coming, and they’re going to look different this year. Stay connected with the important things in your life by joining this completely free photography challenge. 

Each day for 30 days, you'll receive a shooting prompt custom-designed to help you focus on the good things in your life and to help you avoid photography stress! No need to take perfect (or even great) photos for this project.

You'll also receive emails from me with photography tutorials and news about my classes.

Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive a free Welcome Kit to help you plan your project and give you inspiration for the photos to take and what to do with them when you've finished. You'll learn:

  • How gratitude will help you right now
  • How to make the photo prompts work with your life
  • How to share photos with the online community
  • Ideas for photo themes
  • What to do with your images when you finish the project
Each week, you'll receive an email with 7 easy-to-shoot prompts. Share them in our online community for inspiration, encouragement, and camaraderie!
Anyone who enjoys taking photos. Shoot with your phone or a "real" camera. Beginners to advanced professionals are welcome in this community!
Begin anytime you'd like. Sign up, and you'll receive an email to help you get started.
Wherever you are, even if you don't leave your house for 30 days straight!
It's All About Community
The Gratitude Project will help you connect with other photographers. Use Facebook or Instagram to share your images and questions with other people working on this challenge. Because there's nothing like another photographer to provide support, encouragement, motivation, or inspiration!

Because we have quarantine fatigue. Because people are hurting, sick, lonely, mourning, or just in a funk.

Because we love our kids and families. We love holidays we try to create meaning and tradition each year that goes beyond commercial madness. And we know maintaining family connections and traditions is harder right now.
Building a photography community is what I'm good at, and if I can bring the tiniest bit of joy to anyone's life this season, I want to do it.
The Most Important Thing
Your photos do not need to be perfect. This project isn’t about stress. It’s about using your camera to connect with what’s going on in your heart and we’ll celebrate each photo for what it means to you - not for its “technical merits.”
I hope you join me!

I'm Erin Peloquin, educator, photographer, and, in another life, a Certified Public Accountant. 

My specialty is breaking down complex skills and making them easy to master, whether it’s shooting in manual mode or editing in Photoshop. I believe that great photographers are made, not born, and I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world take control of their cameras and create images they love.

The Gratitude Project isn't going to be as much about learning photography as it is connecting to the spark in your heart that makes you want to pick up your camera. But, if you take a photo every day, your photography will improve!