The Lightroom Dehaze slider is a Lightroom CC introduction that didn’t make it into Lightroom 6. Dehaze, as the name implies, reduces atmospheric haze that appears in our photos. This handy slider can also add haze, for those that want a softer photo or a foggy-looking scene.

Free Lightroom Dehaze Presets

The editing features of Lightroom 6 appear to be identical to Lightroom CC except for this one slider. For that reason, I expect to see it in the standalone version of Lightroom eventually.

In the meantime, I’ve made this set of 21 free Lightroom presets that will give Lightroom 6 users the same edit.

Please note that these presets will not work in Lightroom 5 or prior. They will only work in Lightroom 6. You don’t need them if you have Lightroom CC.

This preset collection contains:

  • 10 presets to reduce haze
  • 10 presets to add fog
  • 1 preset to reset the Dehaze edits

Download here. Look for the presets on the right side of the page.


Once you download the presets, you’ll need to unzip the file. Inside it, you’ll find installation instructions as well as the Lightroom Dehaze folder that you need to install.

You can also click here for installation instructions.

How to use the Lightroom Dehaze Presets

Once you’ve installed the presets and clicked on the folder name in your preset panel to open them, they will look like this:


Dehaze presets 10-100 reduce the haze in your photo. 10 is the lightest edit, and 100 is the strongest.

Fog presets 10-100 add haze to your images. 10 is the lightest and 100 the strongest.

Use the Reset Haze or Fog preset to undo the edits you’ve made using these presets.

Any questions about using them? Post them in the comments below!