Food photography is having one of its busiest weeks of the year.

Are you in a part of the world where you expect to have a table full of food to give thanks for this week?  Perhaps you’ll have the table decorated with sparkling china and a exquisite centerpiece?

Or, if you’re like me, you’ll eat yummy food served on paper plates because there are too many people to wash dishes for!  And the centerpiece?  That old bean-and-glue candle holder the kids made in preschool.

Regardless, there will be memories to record and beautiful photos to create.  That’s where this book comes in:  Focus on Food Photography for Bloggers, by Matt Armendariz.

Matt is a hugely successful food photographer and blogger.  He takes the photos that the rest of us envy.  The ones that make us buy way too much at the grocery store.

What will you learn from reading Matt’s book?  Nitty gritty details on how to compose, light and capture beautiful shots of food and drink.  Just in time for the holidays.

Matt starts by discussing the pros and cons of various camera types, from point and shoot right on up.  You’ve gotta love a guy who says that it’s ok to take photos with a point and shoot, and even gives tips for getting the best photos the little cameras can produce.

He also encourages people to shoot on Auto some.  How refreshing is that?  This down-to-earth approach is a repeated theme throughout the book.  You won’t feel like you need to buy new equipment after you’ve read it.

For each technique he teaches, Matt provides examples, diagrams, and shots with the technique and without, for comparison.  The illustrations make the concepts easy to understand.

Some of the information in the book will be elementary for advanced photographers.  However, more than 70 pages of the book are devoted to food styling, props and tips specific to hard-to-photograph food.  This is the good stuff – educational and inspirational.

Those of you who are food bloggers know how important a good photo is.  You also know how deceptively tricky food photography can be.  Focus on Food Photography for Bloggers will take you a step further on your journey to beautiful photos.