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Lightroom Start to Finish Tutorials

How Lightroom Helps Retail Businesses Sell Products

In my Elements and Lightroom workshops over the past year or so, I've noticed that more and more of my students are neither professional photographers nor hobbyists. They own retail businesses and want to improve their photos in order to market their products better. One student made children's clothes and wanted her Etsy listings to look professionally photographed. Another sold jewelry.  Most recently, Carissa of The Gilded Thimble learned Lightroom in order to streamline her routine for marketing her wedding dress alterations company. I visited with Carissa to learn more about this trend. Below, you'll learn why using Lightroom is so [...]

How Lightroom Can Transform Your Photo Edits – Even If You’re Not a Professional

I've noticed a trend lately as I teach my Photoshop Elements classes. Students always ask about Lightroom at the beginning of the course, and a fair number of them end up purchasing it before the course is over. These students aren't professionals in most cases. Many are hobbyists or scrapbookers, or they think they might go pro one day. They buy Lightroom when they realize that it can do most of what they want to accomplish in Elements and do it much more quickly than Elements can. Think about it this way. Two of the most common edits we make [...]

Got Blown Highlights? Why Lightroom is Better than Elements at Fixing Them

Blown highlights make many a photographer say bad words. There is often no way to get great exposure for both our subjects and the sky and clouds in the background. If off camera lighting or reflectors aren't available to put more light on the face than on the sky, the solution to this shooting conundrum is often to fix the blown highlights in post-processing. I think most of us know by now that you can repair blown highlights (or their opposite, blocked shadows) more easily on a Raw photo than a JPG. Read this article if you want more info on [...]

Do You Need Photoshop Elements AND Lightroom?

Lightroom vs. Photoshop Elements.  I am asked a lot which one to buy - this is a tough question! Personally, I couldn't live without either.  And I would rather have LR+PSE any day over full Photoshop by itself. So here is how I answer that question when I'm asked: If you are professional photographer or considering going that way, you need Lightroom. If you are a scrapbooker, you need Elements. The more photos you take, the more you need Lightroom. The more PERFECT a photographer you are, the less you need Elements. If you ever want graphics or captions on [...]

Using Lightroom and Photoshop Elements Together

Lightroom and Photoshop Elements make a great team. People ask me all the time whether they should upgrade to full Photoshop.  My answer?  I'd buy Lightroom and use it with Photoshop Elements any day over using full Photoshop by itself. And because of our recent release over at MCP of the fabulous new Quick Clicks Collection™ for Lightroom, I've had several questions lately about the hows and whys of using LR and PSE together. Editing in Lightroom and taking photos into Elements for further refinements is a great combo for special photos.  Let's talk about how and why you would [...]

Lightroom Mobile Sync: Sync Your Phone Photos to Your Desktop {Finally!}

Lightroom mobile sync has progressed over the past few years to a point that I've been hoping for forever! Adobe has finally given us a way to automatically move our phone photos to our desktop computers for storage in a location of our choosing. The article below contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking the link, I'll receive a small payment at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog so that I can continue to provide free tutorials for you! This is big news! Since I began my photography journey and started blogging about it [...]

Printing from Lightroom to Print Labs. Best Practices [Video]

Printing from Lightroom to a print lab came up last week when I reviewed the 69-photo collage that Mpix printed for me. Because I don't plan on making a scrapbook that covers the last year, I decided to print my favorite photos and highlights from the year on this huge Mpix collage. The thing about printing at professional print labs is that most of them don't have a Lightroom plugin. Which means that, for each and every photo you want to print,  you need to export it out of Lightroom to a new file and them upload those files to your lab. That [...]

Lightroom Facial Recognition Video Tutorial

Lightroom Facial Recognition is a new feature in LR 6 & LR CC that can automatically detect, recognize and tag or keyword specific faces in your images. This technology is based off the Facial Recognition built into the Photoshop Elements Organizer. The lack of facial recognition in Lightroom had been a major reason that many Elements users wouldn't upgrade to Lightroom, even though Lightroom is easier and more efficient. Diving into Facial Recognition in Lightroom is relatively intuitive. If you click on the Face button in the Library Grid, you'll likely be able to figure out how it works. I've [...]

Lightroom: Change Capture Time for a Group of Photos

Lightroom users, you can change the photo capture time of your photos, in bulk no less! Did you know that? I can't say that I knew this two weeks ago, but I sure do know it now! I used two cameras plus my iPhone as I was working on Ali Edwards' Week in the Life™ project in August. When I imported all of my photos into Lightroom, I used this method to sort them by capture time. After sorting, however, the photos weren't in the correct order. The Metadata field in Lightroom's Library indicated that the photos from my Olympus were exactly [...]

18. How to Automatically Import Phone Photos to Lightroom

You can automate moving your phone photos to Lightroom. Learn how by registering for your free photography journey here to reveal the tutorial below. What to do with all the photos we take on our phones? Even if we have good cameras, I suspect that most of the photos we take come from our phones - they might not be quite as good as the photos from our "real cameras," but they are close. And getting better each time we upgrade! For a couple of years now, I've looked for a solid method to manage these photos.  I want: To [...]

09. Lightroom: Quick (But Powerful) Tip for Finding That One Special Photo

One of Lightroom's major strengths, in my opinion, is its smooth and elegant catalog designed to organize images and make finding specific photos easy. Arrange your photos however you'd like, during the import process or after the fact. Sort them by capture time or by name. Filter them by capture date (day, month or year), by camera, by lens, by keyword, by shutter speed, aperture, ISO or focal length. Rank them, label them, group them into custom collections. Do all of this quickly and intuitively. But, after you've organized everything, what is the one click you need to make before searching for that [...]

Why the Right Lightroom Profile is CRUCIAL for Your Raw Photos

Santa was good to me this year, y'all. I have a brand new Canon 5D Mrk IV! 61 focus points, 30 (!) megapixels, and 4K video! So, like any good photographer, I pulled out a tripod as soon as I could and set up a test to compare the new camera to my trusty 6D. Imagine my surprise when the first photo from the 5DIV that I loaded into Lightroom looked like this when I zoomed in: Uhhhhh. Look how soft the words on the books are. Look how dingy the colors are. I took the same photo with the [...]

Lightroom Texture: A Cool New Feature in the Latest Release

The cool thing about subscribing to software rather than purchasing it outright is that the new releases come out quickly - you don't have to wait a year or 18 months before the next round of features is available. Just back in February, we saw the new Enhance Details function. While I didn't love Enhance Details, I have already used the new Lightroom Texture function several times and I'm super excited about it! (I know that some of you are still salty about having to subscribe to Lightroom. And I understand. But with my career, I don't have a choice [...]

Lightroom Enhance Details – What a Pain!

Lightroom Enhance Details - it's the latest "big upgrade" announcement from Adobe. Have you read about it? Adobe announced Lightroom's Enhance Details on February 12. Their announcement said: "Applying Enhance Details to your photos can greatly improve fine detail rendering, improve the reproduction of fine colors...." Sounds nice, right. But y'all, installing this upgrade and running this edit has been a big waste of time. I hope this article saves you the bother. Lightroom Enhance Details - What Is It? Enhance Details is a new demosaicing process for Raw photos. To oversimplify a bit, demosaicing is the process of converting [...]

Save Photos in Lightroom CC 2017: The New Process

Adobe's new Lightroom CC product has generated lots of excitement - and many questions too! Given that all of your images are stored in the Creative Cloud if you use the new Lightroom CC, one important question is whether you can download your photos onto your desktop or another device. And the answer is "Yes, you can!" However, the process isn't perfect, so let's discuss exactly what happens when you save photos in Lightroom CC to your desktop. People want to save photos from Lightroom CC for many reasons. Lightroom CC comes with either 100 GB or 1 TB of [...]

How to Edit Eyes in Lightroom: The Complete Guide for Sparkling Eyes

How to Edit Eyes in Lightroom an excerpt from The Eyes Have It: The Complete Guide to Sparkly and Tack Sharp Eyes. Read more about it here. Fix Bloodshot Eyes in Lightroom: Activate your Spot Removal tool (shortcut: Q). For this job, I like the Heal option. Your brush needs to be just barely wider than the blood vessel you are trying to hide. You can use [ to make your brush smaller and ] to make it larger, or you can adjust the Size slider that you see in the screen shot below. Set a relatively high Feather so [...]

The Lightroom Tone Curve: Powerful Color & Exposure Editing

The Lightroom Tone Curve is the single most complete tool for editing exposure, contrast and color. Many people avoid it because it's not immediately understandable unless you are already familiar with the "curves" concept. However, it's worth learning because it can produce the detailed edits your photo might need. Once you understand Color Curves, you can use this tool to add creative looks to your photos as well as correct shooting mistakes. The Lightroom Tone Curve can be found on the right side of the Develop Module. It looks like this, by default: What we are looking at in the view [...]

Lightroom Range Mask: Making Selections is Now More Accurate

The Lightroom Range Mask is a new feature that promises to make selective adjustments in Lightroom easier and more accurate. I'll show you how to use this tool below. But first, you need to know which version of Lightroom it's available in and understand the concept behind the tool. Lightroom Range Mask: Which Versions Is It Available In? The Range Mask is, as of January 18, 2018, available only in Lightroom CC Classic v. 7.0, which was released in October 2017. While it's not yet available in the cloud-based Lightroom CC, I suspect that it will make its way there [...]

Lightroom to Instagram: The Speedy Trick to Upload Photos

Uploading from desktop Lightroom to Instagram isn't the easiest thing. Instagram, as you probably know, is designed to be a mobile-only app. The company is die-hard against allowing users to upload photos directly from computers to Instagram. The question, for many people, is how to get photos from their cameras to Instagram. Obviously, it's not a problem if you take the photos on your phone. It's not a problem if your camera has a wifi connection and a mobile app. However, many of us wouldn't dream about posting a photo for all the world to see without running it through Lightroom first. My standard workflow [...]

Lightroom Instagram Presets – 25 Fabulous (& Free) Collages

Lightroom Instagram presets are in hot demand for my Guided 365 Project students. I created this free download for them, and I'm sharing it with you here. This collection contains 25 Lightroom Instagram presets. These templates work in Lightroom's print module. Never used the print module? Watch the video below for complete instructions on using and customizing them. Lightroom Instagram Presets Features Each template is the sized for highest image quality on Instagram. Your photos will be the maximum width and resolution that Instagram allows without compression. The collection contains: 12 square templates, each holding 1 - 4 photos. 7 horizontal templates, each [...]

Lightroom Crop Guide Overlay: Huge Compositional Help

The Lightroom Crop Guide Overlay tool is a huge help when cropping your photos. Why? Well, they help you compose your photo to a "traditionally proper" composition. Hunh? You've heard of the Rule of Thirds, right? That's the rule that says that photos in general are more interesting when they are composed so that the subject is off center. For instance, you can see that the photo above is divided into 3 sections horizontally & vertically. There are bull eyes where the lines intersect. It's these intersections that the Rule of Thirds tells us should be the location of a focal point. So, in [...]

Lightroom Color Curves: Unlimited Creative Effects

The Lightroom Color Curves tool is useful for color correction, as yesterday's tutorial explained. Today, we're going to use those curves to add creative effects to photos. The Lightroom C0lor Curves tool really shines when you are using it to change exposure and color. When you are correcting exposure and color that weren't perfect straight of the camera, that is called a corrective or clean edit. Today, we'll take the power of curves a step further to add creative effects that are "better" than reality. Use Lightroom Color Curves for Creative Contrast Yesterday, we talked about how to use Curves to add contrast. [...]

Fix Exposure in Lightroom with HDR Photomerge

It's impossible to take a photo with well-exposed details in both the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows. I know you've experienced this frustration! Either the highlights are blown out or the shadows are so dark that you can't see what's in them. Luckily, we can fix exposure in Lightroom using its Photomerge tool. In my Guided 365 Project Online Photography Workshop, we recently covered how to use Exposure Bracketing for photos when you aren't sure what proper exposure should be or when you know that you'll need to create an HDR photo in order to expose properly for the darks & the [...]

Lightroom Classic CC Update: Creative Profiles for Quick Edits

Do you use Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC? I suggest you quit ignoring the update message your computer keeps showing you and update that software pronto! Today, Adobe announced a software update that can speed up your editing process and create beautiful new looks. This update has several changes - the biggest is an expanded Camera Profiles feature. The latest version of Lightroom, for those of you keeping track, is 7.3 as of April 3, 2018. I've used Camera Profiles forever and written about them as the first step you should make in any edit. Those of you who shoot [...]

Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic: How to Decide

Adobe's announcement last year that it would offer two different Lightroom products sparked many a question and no small amount of frustration. While experienced Lightroom users can choose between the programs with not too much difficulty, people who are just beginning to use Lightroom don't have enough experience with the software to understand how the differences will affect their workflow. I'm writing this article with you new Lightroom users in mind, but I'm also providing info that will be helpful to those who are on prior versions of the software and haven't decided whether to upgrade. This post contains affiliate [...]

Big Changes Coming for Lightroom: Lightroom CC 2017 vs. Lightroom CC Classic

(Updated October 20, 2017 to address additional missing features in Lightroom CC.) Today Adobe is announcing big updates to its Lightroom software and photography plan. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, read through the options below and - here's the important thing - know that you all of your options are good. What is Lightroom CC 2017? What is Lightroom Classic CC? What about Standalone Lightroom? The Lightroom Mobile Camera What's New with Photoshop CC? Lightroom CC v. Lightroom CC Classic Which Will I Use? What is Lightroom CC 2017? Lightroom CC 2017 is a brand new offering. Adobe [...]

Upgrade Now: Lightroom 6

For people wondering about using Lightroom rather than Elements to manage photos, there has been only one area in the past in which Elements was better than Lightroom: Elements had facial recognition, Lightroom didn't. Lightroom has always done everything else better as far as importing, culling & organizing images. Guess what, friends? The new Lightroom 6 Library module will now recognize faces and tag your photos accordingly. Can you tell I'm excited? The feature works a lot like tagging photos on Facebook. You can see from the screenshot above that there are facial boxes with both suggested and accepted name tags on them. [...]

100 Billion Images

100 billion images. 100 BILLION. That is Adobe's estimate for how many photos Lightroom manages on computers around the world. About a third of those live on my computer, by the way. I predict that Adobe's announcement today is going to increase this number exponentially. Why? Lightroom is now available for iPhones, in addition to their previous desktop and iPad versions. I personally take about 47 jillion iPhone photos annually, and I am thrilled to now have a seamless and automatic method for importing iPhone photos into my desktop installation of Lightroom. And that's not all that came out in Adobe's big release today. [...]

Adobe Announces Lightroom Mobile

I'm so excited to tell you that, as of today, Lightroom mobile is available! iPad users can now connect their computers to their iPads to transfer files and create basic edits. No more being stuck at a desk to work - that is exciting, right?! I've been waiting to spill the beans on this one for a while now!   Lightroom mobile will work with iPad photos as well as camera photos that you've imported onto your iPad. With Lightroom mobile, I can leave my laptop at home during this summer's vacation. I'll import my Raw photos from my Canon 6D [...]

Photoshop Elements Start to Finish Tutorials

Photoshop Elements for Beginners: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Just getting started in Photoshop Elements? (Don't feel bad if you've had Elements for years and feel like you are still getting started!) These Photoshop Elements tips will give beginners the foundation you need to understand the basics of the program and begin editing your photos. Separate Your Edits with Layers for Maximum Edit Quality If you are new to the Photoshop family, the concept of layers might seem a bit obtuse. Using layers makes it easier to use Elements though, believe it or not. Think of your layers as a chest of drawers to store your edits in. You [...]

Top Three Tweaks for After You Install Photoshop Elements (Video Tutorial)

Photoshop Elements is marketed as the consumer photo editing software. It's meant to be an easy way to improve photos and create graphics, cards, scrapbooks, etc. But the first time you look at PSE after installing it, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are the first things I always do in a new Elements installation to make it more user friendly!  Watch the video or scroll down for the text version. Photoshop Elements Workspace First off, PSE has 3 separate workspace modules: Quick, Guided, & Expert. Quick is designed for those who are brand new to photo editing. Using the [...]

03. How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements

Yesterday's layer mask tutorial had a couple of tips for advanced layer mask users. Today, I thought we could talk about the basics of using layer masks in Photoshop Elements for those who are new to the tool Layer masks are what we use to communicate to PSE that we want an edit in a certain part of a photo rather than everywhere. Take this lovely portrait: Say I want to soften the skin a bit. Here you go. Softened skin below. But wait. Do I really want the eyes softer also? Or the hair? Or the super cool earrings? That's where a [...]

New Online Photo Editing Workshop Option

  Online photo editing workshops are now open for registration at Digital Photography for Moms. This fall, make it your goal to speed up your workflow and make your photos look like you wanted them to look straight off the camera! At Digital Photography for Moms, you can learn either Lightroom or Photoshop Elements, or knock 'em both out at once in one workshop. I've taught nearly 1,500 people in a workshop setting over the past 6 or 7 years. And one thing I hear consistently at the end of the courses is that students aren't ready to "go out [...]

09. Elements Tutorial: Invert Layer Masks to Save Time

Photoshop Elements - use it right, and you could spend lots of timing painting on layer masks, right? That's why every time-saving tip helps! When using layer masks, you know that white reveals and black conceals.  So each part of a layer mask that is white corresponds to an area of the photo where the effect of this layer is showing.  And every black part of a layer mask corresponds to an area of the photo where the effect is hidden. Depending on the effect you are working on, most of your image could be white, or most of it [...]

10. Layer Mask Tip: A Quick & Easy Method for a Beautiful Mask

When painting a layer mask in Photoshop Elements, most of us go strait for our brush tool to lay down our black and white paint, right? Did you know that you can use lots of tools in Elements to paint on the layer mask?  The gradient is my favorite, after the brush. In the photo above, I love the bright sun shining down from the top left of the image.  I enhanced it by adding a sunlight overlay from Kaleidoscope's Light Set.  The sunlight overlay has beams of light shining down and reenforces the idea of natural light on the [...]

Layer Groups in Photoshop Elements {Video Tutorial}

Did you know that layer groups in Photoshop Elements are a recent addition to the program we all know and love? Layer groups have been a part of full Photoshop for as long as I can remember, but we haven't had them in Elements until PSE 15. This tutorial will show you how to get the most out of the layer group function in Elements 15 and later. (How many of you still use something earlier than PSE 15? Would you like me to create a free action that would allow you to use layer groups too? Post in the comments [...]

Best Ways to Use the Photoshop Elements History Panel

The Photoshop Elements History panel is a handy tool that I recommend to all my students. It shows a list of your most recent edits and makes it easy to undo a series of edits with a single click. As a reader pointed out last week with his question about editing in Elements, the History panel probably doesn't do everything you'd like for it to do. So today I'll show you what it does do, how to tweak it for best results and alternatives for times when it doesn't do everything you wish it could do. First off, if you're not currently [...]

How to Edit Eyes in Photoshop Elements: The Complete Guide

A reader recently asked how to edit eyes in Photoshop Elements. Great question! In portraits, eyes are usually the focal point of the image. That means that people looking at your photo will look at the eyes first. If those eyes are dull or soft, the entire image will lose some of its impact. Photoshop Elements has many tools for improving eyes. This tutorial gives you my favorites: the easiest, most beautiful methods I know to edit eyes. These methods use a couple of techniques over and over. Read here for more information about Levels Adjustment Layers, and here for Layer Masks. How [...]

The Most Helpful Layer Mask Tips You’ll Ever Hear

Use Photoshop Elements and you have to use layer masks, right? Layer masks are those nifty little tools that let you apply an edit to one part of your photo but not another. Layer masks are essential to getting good photo edits. Knowing the special tricks that they can do speeds up your workflow hugely! These two tips are the ones I've found to be most useful in improving the quality of my layer mask painting as well as reducing the time I spend painting them. Layer Mask Tip #1: See What You Painted Type to display an overlay on your [...]

03. Photoshop Elements Shake Reduction

The release of Photoshop Elements 14 last week included an impressive new Shake Reduction feature. Tailor-made for mobile phone photos & selfies, this blur-reducing edit actually works well on images taken with any camera. Like this photo, for example. Can't you just tell what an awesome person he is from that joyful expression? Adobe created the Shake Reduction blur reducer to combat the blur that comes from hand-holding a camera and shooting at slower shutter speeds. It's a major cause of selfie softness. If you click on the above photo to zoom in, you'll see that this photo has a similar [...]

Crop to the Rule of Thirds in Photoshop Elements

The rule of thirds is so important in photography that Photoshop Elements has given us a tool to help us compose our photos in conformity with the rule. The rule of thirds is of those fancy guidelines that "professional" photography teachers will say that your photos need to follow. The premise is that most photos will be more interesting if the subject isn't centered. And there is something to it, for sure. Next time you watch a movie, pay attention to the subject of each scene. If there's just one main subject, odds are that she won't be centered. Same for two [...]

Remove Backgrounds in Photoshop Elements with the AutoSelect Tool

What's a momtog to do when it's the night of the school daughter dance, indoor lighting is terrible, and the sun is too far gone to get a photo anywhere with a halfway decent background? She has to take the photo anyway, of course. It's not about getting a professional quality photo - it's about documenting baby girl's connection with Daddy and the carefully planned outfit that she was so excited about: the crazy cupcake dress with flouncy layers of tulle the rainbow cheetah spot leggings with a hole in the knee the sneakers. This photo makes me happy. The angle [...]

How to Change Colors in Photoshop Elements: The Best Way

How to change colors in Photoshop Elements: it's a common question, and a surprisingly easy thing to do. This article is a follow up to my tutorial yesterday about deciding what to wear for photos. Sometimes people don't wear the right clothes - luckily, you can always "change their clothes" in PSE! Photos that Work Best for Changing Colors How do you know which photos you can change colors on? That's a great question. You'll have the best results from photos where the color you'd like to change is a solid color without small, complex patterns on it. Also, it's best if the [...]

{The Best Way} Use Layer Masks with Selection Tools in Photoshop Elements

Today we're going to talk about using Layer Masks with Selection Tools in Photoshop Elements. If you didn't read my last tutorial about using the selection tools, you might want to read it first. As I mentioned in that article, I rarely use those selection tools. I use layer masks instead - they are much more forgiving. So today, we're going to talk about how to use layer masks with selection tools for the best & most efficient photo edits. What do I mean when I say layer masks are more forgiving? When I have isolated an area with a layer mask, I can [...]

How to Use the 9 Photoshop Elements Selection Tools

People just starting out with photo editing often want to know how to use the Photoshop Elements Selection Tools.  They just want to edit eyes, for example and think that using a selection tool is the only way to accomplish this. I rarely teach about selection tools in my PSE workshop because I don't use them very often.  I use a brush and layer mask instead. But today, I am going to talk about the selection tools in Photoshop Elements and how to use them.  And in my next tutorial, I will cover advanced selection techniques as well as why the brush and [...]

How to Edit Eyes in Photoshop Elements – The Complete Guide to Sparkle & Pop

This tutorial is an excerpt from The Eyes Have It: The Complete Guide to Sparkly & Tack Sharp Eyes. Click here to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about photographing and editing eyes. (Today's tutorial was previously published in part under the name "The Eyes Have It" at Photo Elements Techniques magazine. Because PET magazine recently closed, I'm republishing the article here.) As you edit the eyes in your photos, keep these general tips in mind: In most cases, you will need to work with very small tools. Whether you are using a paint brush, a clone tool or anything else, you’ll probably [...]

Photoshop Elements 2020: Should You Upgrade this Year?

Adobe recently released its latest version of Photoshop Elements - Photoshop Elements 2020, they are calling it. As I do each year, I get to play with the software and report back to you on whether you should upgrade. (Thanks for the review product, Adobe!) My big takeaway this year is that Elements feels, more than ever, like Adobe is differentiating it from Lightroom & Photoshop. And it makes sense, right? I used to say that PSE is a great software for amateur and even pro photographers to use. And it still is. BUT. Elements has a new version each [...]

Photoshop Elements 2019

Today, Adobe is releasing its latest version of PSE: Photoshop Elements 2019. I'll tell you about its new features and conclude with a recommendation on whether you should upgrade or not, just like I do every year. You might notice that Adobe has changed their naming convention for Elements. It used to be Elements 4, 14, or whatever. But beginning with last year's release, they name their releases after the upcoming year. That's why this version is called Elements 2019. Photoshop Elements 2019: The Background Adobe's target market for Elements is memory keepers. Memory keepers are people who enjoy: celebrating life [...]

Photoshop Elements Upgrade: Version 15 First Look & Review

The newest Photoshop Elements Upgrade is available beginning today. It's fall. And along with cooler weather and back to school, I've come to expect a new version of PSE this time of year. Smart Tags are the most exciting new Photoshop Elements 15 feature. Smart Tags work in the Organizer module. (I personally use Lightroom rather than the Organizer - I hope Adobe adds this functionality to Lightroom at some point.) Elements will automatically identify and apply Smart Tags to photos with the following subjects (among others): Sunsets Dogs Cats or Birthdays Want to find all of your child's birthday photos from the past 10 years? [...]

Upgrade to Photoshop Elements 14 or Photoshop CC

Interested in the upgrade to Photoshop Elements 14? Now's the time. You can download Elements 14 at Amazon for $44.99 as of 8:50 AM CST on July 12, 2016. This pricing is for the download only. If you want Amazon to ship the disc to you, the cost is $79.97. The download is currently $99.99 at Adobe, so this is a great deal! If you have a Costco membership (I don't), you might check out the prices there before buying at Amazon. I wouldn't expect it to be much lower, but you never know. Buyer Beware Advice: I've been [...]

Photoshop Elements 14 Upgrade Review

The Photoshop Elements 14 upgrade is out as of today. Elements 14 was designed to help us focus on the memory. If you've hung out on this blog enough, you know that to me, recording the memories - the memory of the first step, the memory of baby napping on daddy, the memory of baking cookies with grandma - those memories are of paramount importance. We don't always have the time or skill to set up a camera for the perfect shot. Of course, learning to set up that shot quickly is hugely important to photographers. However, it's nice to see the new tools that [...]

Elements 13 Released – Should You Upgrade?

Photoshop Elements 14 was released on September 24, 2015. Click here to read my review of the current version of PSE.   Click here to learn Elements the best way once you upgrade! It's that time of the year again - school started, the weather is cooling off, and Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop Elements. This year, we're up to number 13. Should you upgrade? Keep reading for my take. The Expert photo editing mode has 3 changes of note. Premiere Elements, the video editor, is what really got my attention this year. Photoshop Elements Starting in the [...]