What’s even better than practice when it comes to improving your photography?

Structured, well-planned practice, that’s what.

Sure, you can pick up your camera, go out to a pretty scene, and set the intention to take some good photos.

But how much better is it to have a plan like this one?

My photos will be better if I pay more attention to composition. Today, I’m going to take 30 photos that align to the rule of thirds.

Photography critiques illustrated by photo of a bridge in the fog.

Now that’s a plan that will guarantee success. But coming up with the plan – that’s the problem. How do you know that your composition needs work? How do you know it’s not your focus, your exposure, or something else?

How are you going to improve your photography if you don’t know exactly what needs to improve?

Learning to read a photo – to analyze it to identify what’s great and what needs to improve – that’s a skill that takes years to develop. Unless you have a shortcut….

That’s where my newest photography mini-course comes in.

DIY Photography Critiques

You don’t need to pay a mentor hundreds of dollars an hour to analyze your photos. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a month-long workshop that gives you feedback on a few photos. You can create your own photography critiques to plan a detailed, personalized strategy for how to improve YOUR photography.

It’s impossible to grow as a photographer without learning how to critique photos. 

I’ve analyzed thousands of photos in my life. I took some of them, and my students created many others.

EACH TIME I give a student feedback on a photo, I learn something that I had never thought about before. No matter how good or bad that photo is, I notice some small detail that will improve one of my own photos down the road.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a formula for analyzing photos that helps me create photography critiques quickly and thoroughly. This system tells me how to look at a photo and develop feedback on it within just a few minutes. My analysis answers these questions for me:

  • Do I have a winner?
  • What did I do well?
  • What should I improve?

My system for photography critiques will leave you with a list of strengths to capitalize on in your next shoot, plus a list of areas where you should practice.

And if you want to catapult your success even farther, apply your photography-critiquing skills to every photo you see. Not just the ones you take! When you are on Instagram or in a Facebook photography group, identify one strength of each photo you see – one detailed technique that the photographer did well – and tell her about it. You’ll be amazed at how your powers of observation increase, how your photography knowledge improves, and how easy it is to make friends with other photographers!

My mini-course, Learn How to Critique Photos, will give you:

  • A cheat sheet for photo critiques
  • A bonus guide about increasing your attention to detail
  • Access to a private Facebook group for Digital Photography for Moms students to discuss their work and ask each other questions
  • Homework suggestions to make sure you understand this system
  • All at a VERY affordable price!

You can easily work through this course in one sitting and IMMEDIATELY start improving your photos.

Read about it here! And if you have any questions, post them in the comments below.


DIY Photography Critiques - How to Improve Your Photography in 30 Minutes!