Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018: Intelligent Editing for Stunning Effects

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 is available as of this morning! I've had the chance to play with it over the past couple of weeks. I'll share my initial reactions to the new version in this review. You might notice right off the bat that the naming convention is different. Normally, we would have expected Elements 16 [...]

How to Use Dropbox and Lightroom to Move Photos Between Computers

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How many of you have both laptop & desktop computers? Me! I do! I know a lot of you do also, because so many people have asked me how they can share Lightroom files between their computers. Here's the deal. Lightroom is not designed to be networked. This means that it works on one computer and [...]

Women’s Camera Bags: My {Fabulous} New ThinkTank Lily Deanne

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Women's camera bags - you'd think they'd be easy to find, right? Friends, this is going to be so much more than a review of the Think Tank Lilly Deanne Women's Camera Bag. It's going to be a saga. A saga of what I wanted. A saga that will be long (but not a fraction as long [...]

The WORST Thing You Can Do For Skin Tones in Photography

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Skin Tones in Photography is adapted from the Digital Photography for Moms Guided 365 photo project. It’s one of the 51 lessons devoted to putting YOU in control of exposure. One of the trickier areas of proper exposure is to be aware of is blown out colors. Blown colors can make a photo unusable. Unfortunately, they aren't always obvious on camera. The worst case is [...]