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Canon Camera Connect: Set Up, Connect & Enjoy! {Video}

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Canon Camera Connect is a handy app that works with WiFi enabled Canons. Once you've installed and configured it, you can download photos directly from your camera onto your phone. You can also use it for remote shooting: choose your focus point, change exposure settings and push the shutter button, all from your phone. The problem [...]

04. Photography Basics: Camera Modes

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When you're learning photography basics, it's important to know the camera modes that are available to you. The camera mode dial is arguably the most important dial on your camera, and it certainly has the most options for changing the way your photos turn out. No matter which brand you shoot with, your camera mode settings [...]

Change These 2 Settings for Proper Focus Point Selection As Soon As You Get a New Camera

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The article below contains affiliate links, which pay me a small amount at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on them. They help make free tutorials like this possible. When I get a new camera, the first setting I tweak is Focus Point Selection. Good focus is nearly impossible without this change! [...]