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How To Set Up a New Camera: 5 Settings to Change for Big Results

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There's not much more exciting in life than unpacking that shiny new camera and taking your first photos with it! As tempting as it might be to start shooting right away, there are a few settings you should change before taking the first shot. What happens if you don't set up your camera properly? You're likely [...]

Moon Photography Tips and the Secret to Making it Look Larger

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Have you ever noticed that a gorgeous moon that looks stunning on the horizon looks tiny and unimpressive in your photos of it? Taking pictures of the moon is something most of us want to do at some point or another, and it's something that leaves most of us feeling disappointed. The reason this happens is [...]

Photographing Eyes: 5 Eye-Catching Tips for Striking Portraits

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Photographing eyes well is one of the first things new photographers want to learn. As Shakespeare told us, “The eyes are the window to your soul.” A good portrait is about more than replicating the appearance of our subject – we try to capture his or her character and spirit as well.  Eyes are a [...]

The Best Light Bulbs for Photography at Home [Review]

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The best light bulbs for photography at home - I think I've found them! After years of suffering through tungsten-poisoned orange photos, I finally have light bulbs that look natural on camera. The photo above is completely straight off of camera. I took it on Auto White Balance and didn't change a thing except for the size [...]