Improve Your Photography Stuck at Home {What an Opportunity!}

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Is it crazy to think you can improve your photography stuck at home? Absolutely not. And I'm going to help you do it. Whether you are stuck at home due to a COVID-19 quarantine, or recovering from surgery, or taking care of a sick relative - you can improve your photography today. But first, please know [...]

Photo Storage and Backup for Photographers

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Photo storage and backup might be one of the scariest and most daunting topics for photographers to tackle. This topic is important to anyone who takes photos: hobbyists, professionals, momtogs, and people who fall somewhere in between. I've written about photo storage and backup several times on this blog. But it's been a while, my methods [...]

Tips for Sharp Photography with Poor Eyesight – Even with Glasses!

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A reader recently mentioned that she's not happy with her photos, and she wasn't sure whether their quality was due to poor eyesight or poor technique. She said her camera display is too small for her to check how good her photos are. This is especially challenging when checking focus!  Lucky for her, there are a few [...]

Lighting for Photography at Home: A Stupid Simple Trick

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When you are arranging your lighting for photography at home, this is the tip that blows every non-photographer's mind. And it blows the minds of a few photographers, too! We celebrated a birthday last week. It's winter, the sun sets early, and the lighting stinks when it's time to get a photo of the birthday girl blowing [...]