Lightroom: Change Capture Time for a Group of Photos

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Lightroom users, you can change the photo capture time of your photos, in bulk no less! Did you know that? I can't say that I knew this two weeks ago, but I sure do know it now! I used two cameras plus my iPhone as I was working on Ali Edwards' Week in the Life™ project in August. [...]

18. How to Automatically Import Phone Photos to Lightroom

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You can automate moving your phone photos to Lightroom. Learn how by registering for your free photography journey here to reveal the tutorial below. What to do with all the photos we take on our phones? Even if we have good cameras, I suspect that most of the photos we take come from our phones [...]

09. Lightroom: Quick (But Powerful) Tip for Finding That One Special Photo

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One of Lightroom's major strengths, in my opinion, is its smooth and elegant catalog designed to organize images and make finding specific photos easy. Arrange your photos however you'd like, during the import process or after the fact. Sort them by capture time or by name. Filter them by capture date (day, month or year), by camera, by [...]

17. Lightroom: From Desktop to Laptop

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My next Lightroom workshop begins Monday, October 27. Register now so you don't miss it! A student who is learning Lightroom with me right now just asked about the best way to use Lightroom on all her devices. It was such a good question that I thought it was worthy of a tutorial on this blog! [...]