Lightroom Mobile Sync: Sync Your Phone Photos to Your Desktop {Finally!}

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Lightroom mobile sync has progressed over the past few years to a point that I've been hoping for forever! Adobe has finally given us a way to automatically move our phone photos to our desktop computers for storage in a location of our choosing. The article below contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking the [...]

Printing from Lightroom to Print Labs. Best Practices [Video]

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Printing from Lightroom to a print lab came up last week when I reviewed the 69-photo collage that Mpix printed for me. Because I don't plan on making a scrapbook that covers the last year, I decided to print my favorite photos and highlights from the year on this huge Mpix collage. The thing about printing [...]

Lightroom Facial Recognition Video Tutorial

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Lightroom Facial Recognition is a new feature in LR 6 & LR CC that can automatically detect, recognize and tag or keyword specific faces in your images. This technology is based off the Facial Recognition built into the Photoshop Elements Organizer. The lack of facial recognition in Lightroom had been a major reason that many Elements [...]

Lightroom: Change Capture Time for a Group of Photos

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Lightroom users, you can change the photo capture time of your photos, in bulk no less! Did you know that? I can't say that I knew this two weeks ago, but I sure do know it now! I used two cameras plus my iPhone as I was working on Ali Edwards' Week in the Life™ project in August. [...]