Lightroom Range Mask: Making Selections is Now More Accurate

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The Lightroom Range Mask is a new feature that promises to make selective adjustments in Lightroom easier and more accurate. I'll show you how to use this tool below. But first, you need to know which version of Lightroom it's available in and understand the concept behind the tool. Lightroom Range Mask: Which Versions Is It [...]

Lightroom to Instagram: The Speedy Trick to Upload Photos

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Uploading from desktop Lightroom to Instagram isn't the easiest thing. Instagram, as you probably know, is designed to be a mobile-only app. The company is die-hard against allowing users to upload photos directly from computers to Instagram. The question, for many people, is how to get photos from their cameras to Instagram. Obviously, it's not a problem if you take the [...]

Lightroom Instagram Presets – 25 Fabulous (& Free) Collages

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Lightroom Instagram presets are in hot demand for my Guided 365 Project students. I created this free download for them, and I'm sharing it with you here. This collection contains 25 Lightroom Instagram presets. These templates work in Lightroom's print module. Never used the print module? Watch the video below for complete instructions on using and customizing them. [...]

Lightroom Crop Guide Overlay: Huge Compositional Help

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The Lightroom Crop Guide Overlay tool is a huge help when cropping your photos. Why? Well, they help you compose your photo to a "traditionally proper" composition. Hunh? You've heard of the Rule of Thirds, right? That's the rule that says that photos in general are more interesting when they are composed so that the subject is off [...]