Reflection Photography and Focus: What You Need to Know

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Reflection photography is a common photography technique that has a deceptively tricky focus issue. Depending on the photo you are taking, you have three possibilities for focus in your reflection photos: Both the subject and its reflection are in focus. Only the subject is in focus. Only the reflection is in focus. Shot with an [...]

Low-Key Photography {Shoot & Edit for Dark & Moody Photos}

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Low-key photography involves using darker exposures and tones in an image to create a dramatic and moody appearance. Taking a successful low-key photo is part on-camera skill and part editing technique. We'll talk briefly about the on-camera part in this tutorial. After that, we'll focus on editing to enhance dark and moody photos. On-Camera Techniques for [...]

Soften Harsh Lighting in Your Photos – A Cheap, Simple Fix for a Major Photography Flaw

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What's wrong with the photo below? Depending on where you are in your photography journey, you might answer that the photo is underexposed. you might say that Stella's head has a hotspot (a blown-out, completely overexposed area). you might say that the photo has too much contrast (too many darks and too many brights). you might [...]

Light Painting & Steel Wool Photography – Get the Glow!

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Halloween is coming and you know what that means! Endless candy, plus glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow costumes and anything else you can think of that will improve kids' visibility when they are out after dark. Take advantage of all the glow stuff and try this fun photography project. It uses the some of the same [...]