DIY Photography Critiques – How to Improve Your Photography in 30 Minutes!

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What's even better than practice when it comes to improving your photography? Structured, well-planned practice, that's what. Sure, you can pick up your camera, go out to a pretty scene, and set the intention to take some good photos. But how much better is it to have a plan like this one? My photos will be [...]

Light Painting & Steel Wool Photography – Get the Glow!

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Halloween is coming and you know what that means! Endless candy, plus glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow costumes and anything else you can think of that will improve kids' visibility when they are out after dark. Take advantage of all the glow stuff and try this fun photography project. It uses the some of the same [...]

Sharper Images: Troubleshoot Your Camera’s Focus Problems

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This tutorial is an excerpt from The Eyes Have It: The Complete Guide to Sparkly & Tack Sharp Eyes. Click here to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about photographing and editing eyes. OBJECTIVE: SOLVE FOCUS PROBLEMS We've covered many topics related to focus of the past few weeks. As we move into the synthesis part of the focus [...]

Headshot Photography Clothing: How to Advise Your Clients

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Headshot photography clothing advice is so important for your clients. People who want headshots generally need them for professional purposes. They choose their go-to interview clothes, or business clothes that they feel comfortable in. However, these aren't always the clothes that photograph best. These are the guidelines I give my clients before headshot sessions: First, avoid [...]