Pioneer Woman Actions for Elements Support RETIRING!

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Eleven years ago, Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman™, allowed me to convert some of her Photoshop actions files so that they would be compatible with Photoshop Elements. Those actions are incredibly popular and people still come to Digital Photography for Moms every day looking for the PSE actions. Technology moves so fast though. Eight years ago is [...]

Photoshop Elements Free Action: The All New Basic Workflow

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Looking for a free action for Photoshop Elements that makes a basic workflow easy? You've found it. The All New Basic Workflow is not just 1 action - it's four! The set contains: The Basic Workflow (because most photos need exposure & color help) A B&W action with an option to tint (countless options to get [...]

Choosing The Best Quality Photoshop Elements Actions

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A reader asked me to recommend the best Photoshop Elements actions. As simple as that question sounds, there are actually many things you should consider before purchasing actions. What Are Photoshop Elements Actions? Actions are small files that you install into Photoshop Elements. These files automate edits. For instance, at the click of a button you could [...]

Darken Blown Highlights with Actions & Presets

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Earlier this week, I wrote about darkening blown out highlights in your images by using a Levels adjustment layer in Photoshop Elements. Some of you might have noticed that darkening highlights is similar to the process for creating a matte look in Photoshop Elements. Whenever you make the darks in an image lighter and/or make the [...]