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Why the Right Lightroom Profile is CRUCIAL for Your Raw Photos

By |2020-02-19T20:14:48-06:00February 13th, 2020|Featured Lightroom Tutorials, Lightroom Tutorials for Basic Edits, Photo Editing|

Santa was good to me this year, y'all. I have a brand new Canon 5D Mrk IV! 61 focus points, 30 (!) megapixels, and 4K video! So, like any good photographer, I pulled out a tripod as soon as I could and set up a test to compare the new camera to my trusty 6D. Imagine [...]

Lightroom and Dropbox: Use Lightroom with Photos Stored on Dropbox

By |2020-01-05T13:01:59-06:00January 9th, 2020|Featured Lightroom Tutorials|

Lightroom and Dropbox can be used together - that's the first question people ask when thinking about storage options for their photos. Is it an ideal storage solution and how do you manage it? Those questions will take a bit longer to answer. Lightroom & Dropbox: Pros Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that places a [...]

Student Before & Afters {The Guided 365 will improve YOUR photos too.}

By |2019-12-20T11:02:12-06:00December 20th, 2019|Guided365|

The Guided 365 is my passion project. Sharing photography with other people - and helping them take beautiful photos - is one of the great joys of my life. And I can give you all the facts about the Guided 365: 365 daily bite-sized photography lessons will help you retain new information way better than [...]